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    The Jacobs Group has applied for city rezoning on the Diamondhead Southside to facilitate a casino. Any comments?



    What will this do to the property value and way of living for those already on the south side? The people I know on the south side have become a bit apprehensive about being there, I think due to the realization that the south side is not going to come back to where it was before. I have a young friend that is about to buy on the south side – he will live there full time. I just don’t see this as the time to buy over there. As for a casino, is there any more chance of it becoming a reality than all the other times we hear that one is taking steps to do so?



    It seems that many if not most were not happy with that possibility and stated so. As to be expected the evil doers were not going to give up easily.
    From past experience by other people in other situations they knew if they kept trying they would prevail. It will be interesting to see if any residents have guts enough to fight there creeps.
    I suppose if a casino was well done it might be ok. However if it is going to be less than first class it is going to b e a nightmare. And then we will need the awful police force.



    I don’t think a Casino will hurt this “City” any more than having Section 8 housing such as we now have..Diamondhead is full of crime and lower class peopel haven’t you noticed yet?Most of the people that frequent Casinos for the most part are upstanding people I believe.
    Certainly, it would help our tax problem..My license plate cost three times more than last year, and so do my property taxes.



    As an investigator I have been involved in the crime in casino towns for the past 20 years. This includes towns in North MS, Memphis, New Orleans, Shreveport etc. The crime rate will inlcude increased deaths due to drunk driving. Thugs preying on the elderly. Car breakins. Home breakins. Arsons. Fighting. Rapes. I am not opposed to gambling I just DO NOT WANT A CASINO IN MY BACK YARD.



    This is such a bad idea. We have so many homes empty during the summer. The thugs from New Orleans East will be coming here for the free drinks and then breaking into our homes and driving drunk. I have already sent emails to the new city council. Hopefully they are not going to slip this one past us.



    City Council fun, 6pm, Monday, June 17.

    Commendation to Election Commission and City Clerk; Raise Election Commissioner’s Compensation; Approve Budget Amendments. ETC.
    Citizens Wishing to Address Council: Limit of 3 minutes per person.
    SEE Agenda:


    Elena Weber

    Planning and zoning board meets at 2pm Jun 26 at city hall to consider the rezoning request by Jacobs.



    My wife and I support a casino coming in, this would be the only way we would survives as a city. We are not and will not ever get a business tax base here so the residence will be burden of even more taxes. Now in saying that, hopefully our city officials do not botch everything up and let the monies go else where instead into the city budget, then all is null. Also I think the city should no way except a casino deal unless the casino takes over (purchase) the golf courses.



    Having the casino take over the golf courses is an excellent idea. I think that might bring everyone together.
    Also since the presence of a casino would necessitate having a police force so their proceeds should cover that expense.
    Wow we are on a roll here. If we could just get rid of the POA.



    I am not convinced crime will be a problem. I don’t recall a big increase in crime in Bay St. Louis after the Magic (now Hollywood) moved in. If the city maintains a contract with the Sherriff’s Office so that the city manager can’t intefere with enforcement, then aggressive enforcement of DUI laws and a gentle stopping of every speeder, not necessarily to give tickets, but to let everyone know your being watched will deter the criminal element.

    The city can’t force Purcell to sell the Golf Courses. I say Purcell because by all accounts that is who owns them. But I think the city council can put pressure on the POA and Purcell to get the golf courses off of the backs of the POA members. Doing so is the only thing that will save Diamondhead. Lets face it as the old people (I am old too) who are now playing golf almost for free die off (and that’s not far away) the younger residents who are working class and have every weekday jobs can’t play every day so golf revenues will plummet. If the POA dues go up any more than they are now no one will buy those old dead people’s houses and the neighborhood will go to trash. Tough way to put it but true. If the golf courses go to the casino then the POA needs to cut dues to minimum levels or the same thing will happen. No one in today’s economy is going to pay more than a couple of hundred dollars in POA dues. The dues damage property values. Put it another way: twice a month I can go to North Beach Blvd or Rick’s Marina Grill, enjoy the sea breeze and eat for $45.00 for two people. Why would I live here, pay that amount just for the privilege (buy the way its not a privledge because anyone can go the Harbor House or the Club House) of eating at a POA establishment with worse food, and less of an atmosphere. My plans are simple. If a casino moves in and I can get out of Diamondhead: I will. The only thing that will change my mind is if the POA board is replaced with people who represent the residents and not the golfers and Purcell. Wake up people and vote next POA election.



    Actually I do not care who owns the golf courses. What the people of Diamondhead do own is the expense to continually upgrade these courses so they can feel that they have professional grade courses. I doubt that many of these golfers play with professional skill and so it is ludicrous to go to this expense. They are continually doing some upgrade that results in considerable over runs of the budget. If the Casino can’t purchase the land they can buy the expenses and responsibility for maintaining the operation. They can adjust the level of maintenance maintaining the place compatible with what they can afford.
    I would think that when Jacobs is here for the zoning review they should be made aware of the need to sign off on the golf course requirements. These current surviving incumbent are truly nauseous for trying to do this one week before the new administration takes over.

    It is time for the residents of Diamondhead to become pro active and focus on a few things that they won’t back away from.
    Get the golf courses off our backs.
    Either dissolve the POA or reduce to a minuscule size.
    Don’t allow Ernie to elect himself as the police commissioner.



    I agree with you 100% I am sick of this money robbing POA..Dues should be based upon what the POA does for us..nothing!



    Squaredeal, where are these government subsidized housing units located in Diamondhead?



    Rental houses on any street in Diamondhead can be subsidized. I know of a couple on my street. There are many more than people realize in Diamondhead. HUD calls my friend often to ask if she will rent her properties through them, as they (the government, our money) will pay far more than the going rental rate. She would have no say over who goes in the house. So far she has told them no and to quit calling, but many people, especially if they no longer live here, can’t turn down the money. And the renter pays some crazy low amount each month, one on my street paid $150 a month and HUD paid the owner $1600. The house rented before HUD for about $800 a month. My mail carrier told me people have no idea the large number of these houses in Diamondhead, I guess she can tell by the mail they get etc.

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