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    It’s 11 AM and just spoke to Rob Vickery with the MGC and Jacobs was denied this morning. The DMR and the EPA had alot to do with the decision, but all the letters and petition that was on file helped. There will be more in the news.



    Why are so many residents against having the casino? I haven’t heard a good argument either way seems like if anything it would bring entertainment options and revenue to the city?



    The interesting question now is who gets the 10K Free pizza at the club?



    It’s a little late Nate but really would like to see your list.
    You might include exactly how all that revenue is going to filter into the city.
    And how about just how all that entertainment is going to happen.



    WLOX Link: Diamondhead casino plans rejected by Gaming Commission

    “…City Councilman JOSEPH LOPEZ was at the meeting in Jackson and said commissioners decided the company does not have a legal gaming site on the Bay of St. Louis….the Dept. of Marine Resources considers that marshy area as land,…it cannot be considered a legal gaming site.”

    UPDATE FROM SOMEONE WHO WAS AT THE MEETING: “The WLOX report is inaccurate. The commission did not “leave the door open”. Joe Lopez told WLOX that. The commissioners told Jacobs they were welcome to reapply which was a polite thing to say. Anyone can reapply. But it means they have to start ALL OVER AGAIN.”

    Sun Herald article: Diamondhead casino site denied

    Very Interesting:
    File: DMR Opinion of what’s water, what’s shore:



    Completely rediculous. A casino would increase property value. Increase interests in diamondhead. Increase revenue. Create jobs. It would bring life to this city that has never once been seen here even before Katrina devestated Diamondhead. Some just can not see the forest from the trees. What a shame. Diamondhead needs this.



    It was ridiculous to form a city.



    Things were great here. Had to form a city. Had to buy gigantic church building. Just HAD to get a casino to pay for it all! It was a perfect place to live before all this. Hope there is some way to keep some semblance of our quiet retirement/bedroom community intact .



    sad to say but many just don’t agree with you.
    at any rate the games are over and it is now time to adjust for reality.



    I know it is evil of me but I just can’t help feeling some satisfaction knowing that
    Tommy Shafer must be feeling some embarrassment after his little pretentious attempt to
    get the MDOT to perform an expensive redo of the Diamondhead exit off of the Interstate.
    I mean as per usual there was no consensus from the populace and was done in a quasi secret manner



    Traffic, crime, noise, we lose our view of the bay, not fair or in any way reasonable to consider this in a residential area (and I don’t live on the south side.)



    Most people are not against a Casino. They are against putting it next door to private homes and taking over our Marina.
    The Casino group that is applying to put it on the east side of the marina between here and Dupont would recieve far greater support. The Taxes would still be paid to Diamondhead. I can’t think of anyone who would like to drive thru a casino parking lot to get home. The people who live on the airport don’t have many choices as to where they can live with their aircraft. Just like the folks with boats in back of their holmes. As s side note some think the airport is under used, not so we had over 3500 operations last year thats more than any privat airport in south La or Ms. this is facts from the FAA. The Diamondhead EAA was responsible for 50 kids recieving free scholerships to the National Flight Academy in Fla. this year alone. If the casino built a 10 story hotel this close to the airport in is only a matter of time before the airport would be closed. You have a right to agree or disagree but facts are facts.



    I am sorry I haven’t been able to contribute to this forum but I have a few minutes now. EVERYONE COME TO THE DPOA MEETING TONIGHT AND HAVE YOUR SAY.

    There will be a short business session and then we will open the floor to the members for comments and suggestions. Bots that means you.



    Why do they want to put a Jacobs casino in a south side neighborhood. Why don’t we get an Indian casino in Glenn Eagle or some of the wasted space around he gold courses ?

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