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    The Sea coast Echo reported on 20 Sept a proposed New Casino in Diamondhead South. Jacobs Entertainment Company officials said the project would cost between $150 million and $200 million and they have set a target date of 2011 for completion, provided all necessary approvals are obtained. Hotel to have 250 rooms, 3 restaurants, and 40,000 sq ft gaming area.
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    wayne king

    I am sure it has not been missed by the attention of Bay St Louis annexation enthusiests.


    The Sun Herald is reporting on a meeting in regards to the upcoming casino project. The date of the meeting is Thursday the 11th of December.

    What: Public hearing by the Hancock County Planning Commission.

    Why: Zoning-change proposal to allow a casino complex east of Yacht Club Drive in South Diamondhead.

    When: 5 p.m. Thursday.

    Where: Diamondhead Country Club, 7600 Country Club Circle



    We have received serveral requests from subscribers who cannot attend the special meeting concerning the rezoning of the area proposed for a casino development. As a service to the Diamondhead Community, the Diamondhead News Online has created this forum to post your views on this subject.

    Please post your comments concerning the proposed rezoning of the property on the southside of Diamondhead for the purpose of the Jacob’s Group Diamondhead Casino. We will print out and deliver all signed posts to the Hancock County Board of Supervisors special meeting on March 12, 2009.

    Also, please vote in our poll concering this issue. The poll can be found on our front page at http://www.diamondheadnews.com . The results of this poll will also be presented to the board at this meeting.



    Mr. Alphonso,
    I went to the front (home) page of your site and can not find any link to this poll or post site to post my opinion. How do you plan to authenticate any letters? How does anyone know they are from Diamondhead property owners? How many times can someone post their opinion? Are you providing this service as a Diamondhead property owner or a representative of your web site?
    Paul Mucho
    Diamondhead Property Owner



    I do not want the casino on the southside of Diamondhead. I believe the traffic is already horrible…the ‘possible’ income from this is not enough to offset the ‘possible’ increase in crime to our neighborhood. It is a neighborhood for which we as residents pay dues to keep nice, safe and attractive with activities for our children/grandchildren. It is not fair that members of silver slipper would get to have the same perks as we who pay for such. One last thought, do you really think that the paltry amount of rent received from this is going to help Diamondhead? My vote for the rezoning is NO! Debbie Richardson, a resident of Diamondhead.



    Mr. Mucho,

    This issue is not simply one that concerns Diamondhead. It concerns the economic development of the entire area. The poll is available at http://www.diamondheadnews.com on the right side of the page directly below the American Express advertisement. We are doing this as a service to the entire community. Only one vote is allowed from each computer’s address. We do not claim to be "official" site as your site does. We have found that only sports and porno site seem to make that claim.

    It should be noted that your website, funded wtih POA dues, does not allow interaction of any kind. I believe your excuse was limited space.

    May we suggest you stick to house painting and leave web site design and authentication to the experts. Your jealousy is showing.

    Oh, and my name is still spelled "Alfonso"



    I cannot believe he still does not know how to spell your name. Good grief!

    “Their” web site is a joke and we are paying for it.

    We have found that only sports and porno site seem to make that claim. < Thanks for the laugh!

    Mr. Alfonso, thanks for the updates.



    I am against any zoning change to the South Side at this time. It may be in the best interest of Hancock County but not Diamondhead. Shortly we will be a city. Let the residence of Diamondhead control what happens in their city.



    Mr. Alfonso,

    You haven’t check the Official Diamondhead Website lately. You are slipping. There is no and NEVER has been any porno on that site You and SUMMER must be clicking on the wrong site. It still is:WWW.Diamondheadms.org. (not .com) and I don’t have an “excuse” as you put it. That site was set up and designed through me and approved by the Ramirez POA Board as I was fulfilling my direction from that POA Board. The NEW POA Board will be “retooling” the site soon. Maybe they will post the POA Minutes, which hasn’t been done since September 2008. You will also notice my name is not associated with that site any longer. You still did not answer my question: How do you plan to authenticate any opinion or letter on the website.Are you doing this “community service” as a representative of The Bay Jourdan Publishing Company, Inc. and who is the “We” you refer to in your posting?

    Paul Mucho
    Diamondhead Property owner



    The fact the Ramirez administration chose a house painter to facilitate a web site for the POA speaks volumes as to the management competence of that regime. Your site claimed to be the "official site" for Diamondhead when in fact it was the web site of the board of directors of the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association, Inc. who violate the statutory rights of its membership by denying them equal access to their own publication. In the United States, a country that has young men and women dying to instill and preserve such rights as equal access here and in distant lands, that is truly obscence.

    As far as authenticating the validity of those who post to this forum for their voice to be heard at a public forum, if you read the invitation the post must be signed to be presented to the Board of Supervisors. Obviously, it is your intent to deny them a voice as you did when you were vice president. WE THE PEOPLE, you do recognize that phrase, do you not? Or did you sleep through Civics class?



    Please let me know if by signing my comment you mean just stating my name on here as I did (electronic signing) or if I must print and sign and deliver. It’s a shame that we as property owners can’t have times allotted to state our opinion in person unless you can take off work to do so. Unfortunately I will be taking care of the medical requirements of those aforementioned ‘ young men and women’ before deployment during the scheduled meeting time. As important as the rezoning is to me, that is more pressing. 🙁



    Skip, some properties on the south side where the Casino is proposed to be built are designated for covenant established uses. Can the County change the our covenants? I’m sure I read where it takes a vote by 80 % of the membership to change the covenants. The property is private property, not county property. Interesting question… if the county changes our covenants would they still be valid?



    Dear Barely,

    You may sign it here under your post, name and address please or if you prefer to keep your screenname hidden, you may send it to me personally at editor@diamondheadnews.com and please add your name and address to the bottom of the email for verifcation purposes. I will make sure your message is delivered to the board of supervisors at the meeting.

    Please note that the meeting has been rescheduled. It now will be held on Thursday March 26, 2008 at 8:00am See the official announcement here:





    I cannot and will not address the legality of the rezoning proposal. Neither this publication nor I have made any statement as to our opinion on this development. We have no interest in the development and do not know the developer. However, we do very much believe that the public has a right to be heard on this matter and despite at least one author’s ire on this forum, we will make every attempt to communicate our subscriberâs opinions on this matter.

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