Last night's POA meeting

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    I was unabe to make the meeting yesterday. I had to pick up some meds and saw the parking lot was full. What happened? Was the Pres. There? What was said about his arrest? Thank you.



    Nothing was said about Kyger’s arrest. He started off with a statement about “it’s my last meeting as President.” The General Manager gave a long, boring report about stuff from April. When some people tried to get actual answers to questions, the security guy tried to shut them up. Questions about the Contribution Agreement extracted the information that the version the board voted on was not what was “executed” —“some language was left out”…I recommend that interested Members go to the POA office and request a copy of the FINAL version of the Contribution Agreement to see WHAT CHANGES were made. The contract does NOT reflect what the Board approved. How can this be legal?

    Kyger’s arrest is featured on the second page of today’s Sun Herald.
    (available at Rouses.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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