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    Can a cat be tethered? Should the Diamondhead SPCA be allowed to hold fellow property owners pets until they pay a fee? What are your thoughts?



    Although I understand why many people would like to have cats tethered, I do not believe it would make much of a difference. Plus, who will tether the wild cats and racoons etc.?? They cause much more of a problem where I live.

    A number of racoon and wild cats are fed daily by my elderly neigbor. Their feces pose a health threat to my children when left in my back yard at night, and community eating bowls increase the chance of spreading disease among the animal population. Golfers had to fend off racoons with distemper, across the street from his home, a few years ago. It is to bad nothing can be done about this.

    As far as a disease risk to the cat population……the soles of our feet and those of the various “critters” that visit our yards will spread that risk. It is unavoidable if the cat is outside, tethered or not.

    Suffice it to say, in a perfect world…..cats and armidillos would not dig in our gardens, wild animals would not carry disease into our communities, or their own for that matter, and human contact would not concentrate their populations increasing chance of disease. Tethering cats will not stop the digging, will not to a great enough degree protect household cats, will increase the number of cats to be put down or found homes for and make many people unhappy. It will not work.


    wayne king

    I dont know about leash laws, but I think they are necessary. Walking your dog for exercise is great. I have two myself and love the little guys. Please walk your dog around your own lawn untill he takes a dump, I do not appreciate him doing it in my yard and you and him leaveing it there. If you walk around and have some plastic bags, use them, dont look around and then walk on with the dog leaveing the mess behind. People should not be charged to get their pets back, If we can support the Golf deficit we can support a community sympathic to animals and the problems that come with them.


    wayne king

    The Marina is not a Public Poop site to take your dog to, do it at home in your yard. You pick it up and dispose of it. No one wants to see it smell it or clean it off their shoes, with a New Resteraunt opening it absolutly needs to be stopped.

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