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    I am in escrow here in Arkansas. I have been looking for a 3 bedroom double wide in Diamond Head less then 10 years old. So far all the Realtors have listed are 3 properties. Is there a good place I can get for sale by owner listings? I only have INTERNET access here.
    If anyone knows of any please forward the information to me.
    Thank you in advance.
    Lisa Lowell



    Hi, I have not been living here in D’head for very long, but have explored if for a couple of years traveling extensively looking for a home here. I have come across only a few trailers here and it seems they have been here awhile. Have not come across a whole section of just trailers so I am not sure you are going to find what you are looking for. It is a nice community of homes so you may want to look for a house instead of a trailer. In this part of the country we do get some powerful storms off the Gulf and a trailer is not the kind of home I would want for this area. What you may want to do is explorer the housing market here I think when it all pans out you may be better off in a house (and I mean money) then a double wide. I think we have homes here that could fit almost everyones pocket.

    Good hunting.



    Thank you for the reply. I have done more further checking into Diamondhead and we have decided to go to Pass Christian or Long Beach due to the fees.
    I have lived in gated and conveniences communities before and have never paid extra for Fire and such a high rate on water and sewer. I was told by the POA that it was $60.00 monthly fee – $20.00 a month for fire – $54.00 base utility rate.
    Pass Christian water base is a little over $6.00 and $18.00 for sewer. I can not see paying such a high difference. If I was told wrong please correct me.

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