Marina Rebuilding

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    wayne king

    Everyone needs to go by and see the new boat launch ramp at the marina. I dont know who approved the finish on the concrete, but, they need to go do something else. I have used boat ramps all over the united states and never have I seen one that rough. What we got was a waste of our money. Ill bet the new golf cart paths at the golf course dont look like that.



    Mr. King:
    Had you EVER actually launched a boat, you would understand that the new surface on the DH boat ramp is probably the best that has ever been built! They went to a LOT of extra work to MAKE it that rough, which means GREAT TRACTION whenever someone is pulling out a heavy boat.
    Furthermore, the ramp now extends out past the point of the end of the pier, so that it is a far better ramp than has ever existed.
    I would suggest that before you badmouth something, something that is extremely well done, you have some inkling as to the reality of the construction.

    Mr. Jim Hunt, (who supervised and forced a rebuild of the first attempt at boat ramp repair), WELL DONE! We have the best boat ramp I have ever seen, for its size, and I have used ramps all over the US and in a couple of foreign countries.

    Lee Taylor


    wayne king

    I agree, however the post you refer to, that I wrote, was before it was redone, it is a great ramp now. Anything done twice is always best the second time.



    And we’re off … Looks like the new Marina is taking shape. It will be great to have another place on the water for boaters to come to, I only hope they will have some sort of slips or dockage available for them. But that would have required fore thought…

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