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    Dear Members of the Board of Directors:

    We have been residents from since 1987. We read with some interest Mr. Williams’ “From the President” in the November issue of the Diamondhead News regarding revenues, especially the “bond” approach. We have a few words to say- “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!”.

    Apparently, Mr. Williams has not looked around at the homes around Diamondhead. There are many, many modest homes owned by working families and the elderly on fixed incomes. This is not a gated community of $350,000+ homes. When people choose to join a country club they know they are going to have to pay for a bond from the beginning and feel they can afford it.

    Where did you get your information that this is “one of the least expensive anywhere in our part of the world”. We have two neighbors who have moved out because Diamondhead was too expensive. Perhaps you think that an additional $300 a year is not a big burden. Well, you are wrong. Even if you receive these bond funds how will this assure the long term financial health of the POA if you are losing $300,000+ a year.
    You also say that the dues have only increased from $360 to $540. That is not entirely true because the fire protection, water and sewer, and garbage are now all paid for separately. We are also already paying for road maintenance three times – once each through dues, the special assessment and our taxes.

    Are you trying to soften us up for another dues increase?
    We have a solution of a lot of these problems. The people of Diamondhead are primarily interested in security and good roads; therefore, privatize all of the other amenities or bulldoze them down. Sell off all amenities that are only used by a few.

    Anyone having any doubts about incorporating Diamondhead probably don’t have them after reading your article.

    Very truly yours,
    William J. and Barbara S. Marcel

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