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    Here’s another opportunity for another batch of urgent dispatches from the usual “Letter-Writers” to DIVERT ATTENTION away from POA EXCESSIVE SPENDING:

    Sealed Bids for the construction of a new building to serve as Fire Station #1 will be received by the Diamondhead Fire Protection District until 4:00pm (CST) on Wednesday, October 15, 2014. Properly submitted Bids will be opened and recorded by the Fire District’s Board of Commissioners during their regular monthly meeting, scheduled for 9:00am on Thursday, October 16, 2014. A Performance Bond is required, and all Bidders must provide proof of liability insurance coverage of not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000.00). The Diamondhead Fire Protection District reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Project Information may be obtained from: Fire Chief Jerry Dubuisson, Diamondhead Fire Department, 4440 Kalani Drive, Diamondhead, Mississippi 39525, Phone: 228-255-1314.
    ADV20,27,4,3SAT 154619/



    Lets build several at that bargain price



    How many fires do we have on average per year? It can’t be many so there is no justification for that kind of outrageous spending!
    I lived in League City Texas for ten years and it’s much bigger than Diamonhead!
    The fire department was run by volunteers. That saves any city a ton of money.
    Where do they come up with these proposals??!
    The intent should be to manage our monies not find ways to spend it in such a way.
    That kind of excess sends a strong message- build, build, award contracts and wait for the discreet illegal bonuses to filter in.
    Shameful .we do not need a million dollar fire station or other structures – we are a small town.
    We spends tons of money unnecessarily salaries – for what? To put out a few fires every year?



    I would like to know what salaries these “firemen” are paid, especially “King Jerry Dubuisson”,one of the biggest fabricators in Diamondhead, also, how do they spend our money, and on what? Not fire fighting equipment, because that is furnished by funds from the USDA.
    Jast a side note here too..since the city has taken most of the POA’s duties over, lets fire some of these people that are doing nothing more than sitting in an office or riding around burning our Gasoline.This is the most wasteful city full of small time politicians and snooty people I have ever had the misfortune of living in.



    Some âfun factsâ about the Diamondhead Fire Protection District:

      ‘, ”, ‘[*] Diamondhead Firefighters are the highest paid in the state. [*]There are at least four âcaptainsâ in the district which means that four firefighters are being paid at a captainâs rate established by the state. [*]The state does neither audit the so called âfeesâ collected nor how they are spent. (source is MS State Auditorâs office) [*]The Diamondhead Fire Protection District is the only in the state that has an office manager. Her estimated salary is over $50,000 per year. When an audit was proposed by a former commissioner, she accused the 81 year old man of sexual harassment. Under the current MS Supreme Court MINORITY ruling, the commission is not constrained as to how much it charges for "fire protection" and who it charges.The Diamondhead Fire Protection District does not charge out of state property owners. Lisa Cowand makes all appointments through a system whereby all who wish to apply are vetted by the current commissioners, making it impossible for anyone with differing opinions to be appointed. The Hancock County Board of Supervisors always approves Cowandâs recommendations. The Diamondhead Fire Protection District collects over $800,000 per year from the Diamondhead Community in addition to the 4 mils it collects from the county.’).'”).”\n




    The fire department should utilize volunteer fire fighters. The Fire Dept. can train as necessary and or send them to training, such as held at Delgado in Louisiana. The permanent Fire Fighters who are paid in Diamondhead should lead up all missions. The Fire Chief can do the evaluations as needed to weed out those who are inept or dangerous to the force. We have a fire station and at least one substation out back. The community is the prime use of the Fire Dept. and should not be short changed to provide this service, but the city government should not waste any money to overbuild the resources and needed equipment should not be stockpiled for the Dept. unless absolutely necessary. I don’t really see a need for another Fire Dept. building, if I am wrong here, someone in the know should highlight those needs for the forum.



    I say this Fire dept is long overdue an audit since it is all our money they are so frivilous with..I would bet the fire chief has a salary of 85,000 or more, and actually, we need nothing more than a volunteer fire dept..think of the savings to we the taxpayers.



    Skip,one of the “Captains” is married to the “office manager”…little nepotism for you there..Bet they both have tremendous salaries.



    A lot of good comments. I, like many of you, do not want my POA / tax money spent in areas where a need or justification does not exist. As to the specific issue of the Diamondhead Fire Department, full time or volunteers, I would like to see if we have the answers to some very basic questions.

    1. What would the impact be if we go ‘volunteer FD’ on our homeowner’s insurance? I’ve attempted to GOOGLE an answer but there is no definitive answer or examples to fall upon. Point to consider…we are currently paying $220 annually for what I do believe is VERY GOOD fire support; how much will our homeowner’s insurance increase if we go with a volunteer FD?

    2. Fire departments do not just handle fires / help you get your cat out of a tree. They are in most communities, & I believe here in Diamondhead, the FIRST RESPONDERS to medical emergencies. Where is our nearest EMT support facility and what is the time for them to respond within Diamondhead’s housing areas (if they can find you)? We’ve lived here since 2006, approximately $1600 paid in fire support not used, but I’d give a lot more if a family member needed urgent, lifesaving help or we were about to loose everything while waiting for the volunteer team to mount up.



    The fire rating ruse is a total canard. Gretna, Louisiana has an all-volunteer fire department; in fact the oldest in the country and the community enjoys a fire rating of 2. Diamondheadâs fire rating is a 6. The lower the rating, the lower the insurance but not all insurance companies use the rating system. For instance, State Farm rates by number of fire occurrences in an area.

    To answer your second question I must ask another. Is this practice not the same thing as the hated âObama Careâ? EMT stands for Emergency MEDICAL Treatment. Mississippiâs all Republican Supreme Court in its MINORITY decision makes all of us pay for each otherâs medical treatment along with retrieving cats from trees, exercise equipment, etc. (Can anyone in Mississippi even spell hypocrisy?) Allowing this obviously illegal tax by calling it a fee also has disgraced all honest firemen nationwide by legalizing extortion in the state of MS, the most corrupt state in the nation.

    The real question is just how much "Fire Protection" the DHFD provides the community since its monthly tax bill charges specifically for that service?



    When doing a comparison, I attempt to do apples to apples, not apples to carrots 🙁

    First, it is not a FAIR comparison to give Gretna’s fire rating to Diamondheads on many levels. Gretna’s city has been established for a number of years and has “established / recognized” building and community codes which are used during fire rating evaluations (e.g., number of buildings with internal sprinklers, number of hydrants per block, the layout of the community / accessibility of fire support vehicles, and the FACT Gretna is not a highly wooded / undeveloped area with less water available to each hydrant per hydrant). NOTE, there are more differences if you’d care to look into fire rating evaluations but I think you see my apples to apples point.

    Your second point and comparison of EMT services to “Obama Care” is, well, extreme if not very odd. So what you are saying is, all of us bare sole responsibility, even during a heart attack or following a severe accident, to get our selves to appropriate medical care??? How is this to work? We all need EMT services, fire departments, insurance coverage (home & medical), etc., and the only way to make these NEEDED services doable is to REASONABLY share cost.

    FYI and before you start the “you must be a liberal”, I’m not! I am not an Obama supporter on many areas nor do I think the current Healthcare Law will work, but something (???) is needed to control healthcare cost while ensuring widest coverage possible. Recommendations, again using an apples to apples comparison would be great.

    Reference a couple other comments in your post (Mississippian spelling capability & disgraced all honest firemen nationwide), strange!



    With all due respect, you have made my argument. It was you who have entered âcarrotsâ into the equation. Apples to apples, volunteer fire department to volunteer fire department, if Diamondhead reverted back to a volunteer fire department, which over 50% of all fire departments in the United States operate, there would be no effect on fire insurance rates. Other factors outside of the composition of fire departments weigh much more heavily, such as available water, street composition, etc.

    Secondly the Affordable Care Act , which has been deemed a TAX by the United States Supreme Court, employs the exact same principle as the DHFPDâs âFire Protection Feeâ, which is that you are charged whether you use the services or not.

    I did not accuse you of being a liberal, heaven forbid! The word is hypocrite.



    We are among the 8%. Why would it be a problem if we joined the 92%.

    This from FEMA study:

    Department Type

    The department type is based on the NFPA definition (Career: 100 percent of a department’s firefighters are career; Mostly Career: 51-99 percent of a department’s firefighters are career; Mostly Volunteer: 1-50 percent of a department’s firefighters are career; Volunteer: 100 percent of a department’s firefighters are volunteer). Of the fire departments registered with the census,

    8 percent are career
    5 percent are mostly career
    16 percent are mostly volunteer
    71 percent are volunteer
    The numbers of fire department personnel are used to determine the department type. There were 123 fire departments that did not provide the number of personnel. These departments were excluded from this analysis.

    Fast Facts on Volunteer Firefighting

    30 December 2011

    86 percent of fire departments are all or mostly volunteer; they protect 39 percent of the population.
    Of the 1.15 million firefighters in the United States, 812,150 are volunteers.
    94 percent of volunteer firefighters serve communities with fewer than 25,000 residents.
    There are 21,235 all volunteer and 4,830 mostly volunteer fire departments in the United States.
    Volunteer firefighters save local communities $37.2 billion per year in taxes.



    My opinion, it would make much more sense to have a volunteer FD here in DH…Truthfully, if one dials 911 you can get an ambulance here quickly, and if my cat goes up a tree, then he should know how to get down.It makes no sense to have a small Fire Dept like wee have here with 4 Captains and 3 Lieutenants unless it is just a reason to inflate their salaries..I see in the DH news that the Fire Chief again is bragging about we taxpayers losing the case..we didn’t lose it, the people that made the decision to allow them to collect this money gave it to them.why?..Who knows.Thew Chief goes on to say “we haven’t increased our dues in x number of years…why should they?..they get paid twice from us..they also collect from the County, get Federal grants,and collect the illegal taxes of about 1 million a year.One more thing I have a big issue with..the chief says he has 2 “fully staffed” fire houses..that is a sheer fabrication..he has one ,and a house on Golf Club dr. that occasionally has one of the two fire trucks. parked in their attached garage, and many times I passed by there and only one person there on duty..that is a fact, so as for me, I feel we are being abused by this illegal fee, and it should cease immediately..The City should take over the Fire Dept just as ALL cities in the United States does.

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