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    Comments are welcome on the recent conviction and sentencing of two former Mississippi Gulf Coast judges and attorney Paul Minor.


    wayne king

    Guilty judges,lawyers, sheriff deputies, abuse in jails, from all appearances it appears to be just the tip of an iceberg of problems with the legal and justice systems in our country and especially here on the gulf coast where nepotism, favoritism, cronyism and good ole boy mind set have flourished for years. The web of involvement goes so far and high that many don’t even see anything wrong with it or think adhering to some form of ethical conformance doesn’t apply to them.

    Ethics appear to be something that means if you don’t get caught, it didn’t happen, just win and separate someone from their money is all that matters and if someone is not born into the hierarchy of the system or rich they can be abused, taken advantage of and cheated with impunity because they will probably not have the resources to stand up for themselves, besides who are they going to get to help them that is not one those perpetuating the conditions.

    Ridiculous you say? Many examples exist. Kangaroo courts in Fayatte Ms where lawyers were bring cases of class action against companies because the Jury pool was largely uneducated and saw themselves also as victims and judgements were seen as a form of revenge not justice, why does a judge allow this to happen?

    Former sheriffs and deputies in several Mississippi counties over past years captured in personal involvement of drug distribution and sales. Mayors in prison for involvement with confirmed criminals and murder plots. How many of you think fixing a traffic ticket is the first consideration when you get one. Why does this thought even occur if you feel the possibility of doing it does not exist? This week you have seen United States Senators tell a career Military General he was a liar, and some are not in the least apologetic as long as it gets them some free exposure on national TV and maybe solidifies their support for some fringe leftist base. If you read this, you tell me which side of the line you stand on.

    Once an old man uneducated but very wise, living his life according to the scriptures as he was taught them told me ” you have to believe everything in the bible, you can’t pick and choose what you want to make your life easier”. I think this also applies to our justice system and forms of governments. So those who choose to violate the trust placed in them by others deserve all the unpleasantness and flagellation that their constituents can heap upon them.



    Wayne I could not have said it better myself. The law only exist for those who do not have the wherewithal to avoid it.


    wayne king

    Again in the newspaper today, 2 December 2007,a release about several high profile Mississippi lawyers indicted for bribing a Judge, thankfully this judge is honest and proud of his vocation and went to the FBI and they have begun the process of public chastising and humiliating (if guilty) these stalwart upholders of honest, judiciary fair play. Refer to my above thread and the forecast of a tip of the iceberg. Truth, justice and the American way, what a crock, in Mississippi its just about a buck and who gets it, honesty and fair play haven’t a chance. How many honest, hard working people have been short changed by a justice system that is more interested in dividing the spoils than in right and wrong. Again, even this case is very probably just an example of someone being overly embolden in conducting justice for pay activities in an atmosphere of general acceptance and is probably on going in other cases of estate division, injury liability, child support, property damage and others, in the time it takes to write this thread. We will see if the future has many more worthy of their salt and equal to Judge Lackey, as for me, Thank you Judge Lackey if you ever choose to do something else, you have my vote.


    wayne king

    After rereading my previous posts, I wish to correct a implied impression, due to the distaste for and notoriety of recent indictments and convictions, that could possibly be gleaned in previous post as to Mississippi having a corrupt legal system. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    There are many, many fine judges and lawyers in Mississippi, it is through their efforts and courage that wrongdoers are made public and prosecuted, for all crimes, not just those in violent crime categories. My post were intended to encourage their efforts to expose wrongdoing, hopefully to bring about an even greater system than we currently have and dissuade others from following in the footsteps of the wrongdoers by expressing the disgust with which the public views miss use of our legal system.

    I think public enlightenment benefits all, when things are kept from the public I think it breeds distrust, so the exposure of wrongdoing, public trials and fair verdicts all contribute to a better life and stronger government for all citizens. America is Great, never think that our Judges and lawyers are not in the vanguard of maintaining that status. It should have been expressed in past post and was not due to a desire to be brief. I apologize for that, Please, keep up the good work.

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