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    I was down at the Holiday Village Pool swimming with my friend., Friday at 5PM and no life guard, no gate keeper. And a group of 8 that lived in the Kiln, came in to swim because there was no authority there.

    Why pay dues if outsiders are getting in for free????What can be done about it.


    wayne king

    The POA has no money (without raising fees) to pay a life guard, but there is money available to spend hundreds of thousands on Golf improvements, none of which existed when deeds were signed obligating the signer to the covenants, for many (probably a majority) the courses were just fine before, needing maintenance and repair yes, costly improvements, no, one course was necessary to achieve this, not both. Depending on where they come from and distance, where will the players stay? Lets face it accommodations in Diamondhead are stuck in the 70’S, very few will repeat a visit to Diamondhead after staying in our Motels, or Condominiums. There are no employment prospects in the area to support the cost of living in Diamondhead which would encourage newer residents. Our main newer source of residents in the past few years has been Section 8 and free market rentals. With the cost of development so high because of permits, fees, and other associated cost of Insurance, fire protection and water and sewer most new construction is thwarted and offer a less than favorable atmosphere for builders and businesses (the hardware store had to close) What can be done about it? Let the covenants expire, let the deeded land owner operate the amenities, if they are so great, or the land owner can comply with the intent of the original covenants by transferring ownership to the POA or if better served the City. It appears the residents of Diamondhead have just become a cash cow for special interest and providing upkeep funding for land holders of the amenities.



    Very good,Wayne, and all of it true..the POA should be abolished immediately, as you are correct it is nothing but a scam to take our has been proven that they do not own the Country Club or Golf courses.Anyone can check with the County land office and tax rolls if you so desire..Purcell owns both.

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