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    Who in the heck decided to put up 3 expensive neon freaking signs, that cost us a load of money! They are horrible! Who voted on that? Oh that’s right..!! We didn’t get to!! Everyone I have talked to is really ****ed off about that! What’s the point? They say Happy Holidays! We’re not getting NEAR the info we got when someone actually changed the sign.. Now it’s just an eyesore, and shouldn’t even be legal.. It is too distracting when your driving!!

    Who also decided that we needed to spend thousands of dollars to "decorate" around the water tower with trees and shrubs? This is a stupid management, that needs to learn how to curtail their spending, and save us all a few bucks instead! REALLY! Gotta decorate the water tower? How much did that cost us! If you got it donated,.. great.. but I want to see how much that cost all of us.. Who the hell is in charge of spending our money.. and why don’t we.. the community,.. have any say in it?? I am not speaking for just myself, but for the majority of people that I know here.. This is stupid and ridiculous… I want to know who approved this frivolous spending, and get them out of "office".. since we never got to vote on that either.. I’ve lived here 10 years, and if the property values weren’t in the toilet, I would move.. because I’m so disgusted of what we’ve become. Everyone seems to want power.. Just go to the CC and you’ll see it in full force there.. lot’s of people with their noses up in the air… What happened to "One Community"..

    As I said, I’m speaking for many.. so listen up.. we are all sick of the "power" you think you have and your big noses in the air.. Get real.. and come down to the normal person’s level… where life is hard, and we live paycheck to paycheck.. Our dues went down by $15 bucks.. that’s stupid.. and what to we get? trees and shrubs and new neon signs that should be illegal as they distract from driving!!

    You wanted to know, so I’m telling you.. most people in Diamondhead are NOT happy.. Just saying… take a poll on the money you are spending.. and let’s see what everyone says!

    Please help me get this out to people in our community. Our losses have been so many in the last couple years, it is horrible. My son died when he was 3 1/2 years old, in 1984.. I have been heartbroken for many years. But now, I feel I can help newly bereaved parents get through their horror, a little easier, with my experience.. and others I hope, and I get volunteers to help with our Chapter.

    Thank you for listening, I sure hope all this works out and we can help our community, with this awful part of losing our children.



    I can’t wait until I can sell my house for a fair price and move….each day seems to bring a new surprise about our taxes, water bills, POA dues, and awesome new “features” that are being paid for by the citizens with no vote. These new signs are hated across the board – I have spoken to 20 year residents in their 80’s (who especially dislike them) and newer young family residents. I am disgusted in the way they are spending our money without any regard or concern for what the residents might want.



    RE: POA dues for 2013
    So what can we expect this coming year? Can we expect a reduction?

    Just received my property tax bill, which included 34.25 Mill @ $4.50 each. Is this just for 2 months or should I multiply this by 6? This is four times what was stated while the petitions were being passed around.

    RE: New Electronic Marques Looks like we had money to spare. Is this what we can expect from now on? Spending down at the end of the year. Seems excessive to me. What really bothers me, is a request was made to put Merry Christmas on them, and the individual who inquired was just about reprimanded for even suggesting such a thing. This community is largely Christian. Three Christian churches in the City and two right next to Diamondhead. If our representatives are going to spend our money, we should have a say so in what goes on the marques. Please put “Merry Christmas” on the marques. This is the reason for the season

    I hope those running for office read this and give it some real consideration. It appears to me that the City of Diamondhead is going the same direction as the Federal Government who can’t run anything properly. What irritates me most, is spending money by the City, like it is there to do what they want with. New police cars, new Marques, performing maintenance around the water towers and the list goes on.

    What is with Security people still patrolling the City for? Aren’t the police that we pay capable of accomplishing the same things? I suggest those who run for office, ask around about how most people feel about our new “City” so far.

    We are going to price older people with fixed income right out of the City, or was that the plan all along?

    I would like a reply to my comments if possible.

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    Seems to me that the solution to all of these issues is pretty straightforward.

    If enough people are ****ed off about it, they need to band together and choose some leaders. They then need to aggressively campaign to get these people elected to all the city leadership positions, with the mandate that once elected, they exercise eminent domain to take ownership of all the country club and yacht club property etc.

    They will have to pay fair market value for this stuff, which if the massively depressed real estate prices for houses in Diamondhead are any indication, should not be much.

    Then, they should either lease this stuff out at a profit to private industry, or if that isn’t an option, then convert it all to public park space so that all the taxpayers and POA dues payers who are supporting crap like golf courses can enjoy them.

    All this nonsense about how my POA dues supporting golf courses, etc is somehow increasing my property values is just that, nonsense. All it is doing is subsidizing the hobby of golfers, etc. Property values in Diamondhead have plummeted, while POA dues and now taxes have gone up.

    Sure they’re decreasing POA dues by a token amount, but that just takes them back to what they were a couple years ago. It’s all a big scam, and the people pushing and benefiting from the scam all know it.

    You wanna put a stop to this scam? Fight fire with fire.

    The scammers pushed through a city government. So, let them die by their own sword. Take over the government and put these clowns out of business.

    Get together with your neighbors and get political. Take “back” city hall!



    So I’m not the only resident who feels that the neon signs are uugggly and unreadable! I’m sure they’re a lot easier to update and keep current but they no longer serve their intended purpose.



    I can’t agree MORE with those that have posted! The Neon signs are stupid, and expensive. Why in the heck did we spend that kind of money? Who gave the approval for that? All of my friends have talked about it, and we are disgusted! Not only annoying, but you can’t read more than a line or two as you drive by! If they want to charge us POA fees, then give us the right to vote on expenses! How much is it costing us to put up all those trees, bushes, fence, etc.. around the water tower? Who needs it!?? It’s a damn circle! I also want to know why combining a lot still costs $4000.00 when we are a city? It should be minimal! This town, (city) is going to hell, and people are ****ed off. I wish it was just me feeling like I’ve been swindled, but it’s not! If they want to be a city, act like one!! Stop screwing with everyone that lives here! $15 bucks a month off our POA fees, then hit with that kind of tax? Seriously? I’ll give the appraiser $200, and the city $200 to combine my lots.. that I paid way over the actual value to obtain. I feel like we are being robbed.. Wish I could move… but my house isn’t worth **** right now.. and amount that I’m sure they’re taxing me on my value from 3 or 4 years ago! How can the POA require me to pay the same POA monthly fees for my home as an empty lot? That’s ridiculous! How bout charging by the value of the home! I am so sad over the things that have happened in our community since I moved here 10 years ago. I used to love to live here.. now I wonder how to get out of this mess… I guess we can’t rely on either the POA or our city to help us out. Sad, sad, sad…



    My wife and I feel the exact same way, the above blogs were our exact sentiments. We are looking now to sell our home. I wish someone who supports the neon signs, water tower landscaping, poa dues increase, security gaurds, and not to mention still paying a fire department that get mils from taxes. Please someone with more knowledge about this nonsense write a thread explaining why all of this is a good idea.


    Here are a few facts.
    1)You elected people to represent you on the POA Board. Out of the possible 4,500 voters, only 1,300 bothered to vote in the last election, hopefully, you were one of them.
    2. The landscaping around the water tower is being put in by the Water and Service District. We have no control on its members or how they spend our money unless you know one of the Board members. They are not elected; they are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.
    3. I agree that the new signs are not accomplishing their purpose, good idea, bad result.
    4. Check out the price of a similar house to yours in the Kiln to see how much golf courses, swimming pools tennis courts and the other amenities add to the value of your home.
    5. Regarding the P.O.A. dues on an empty lot, P.O.A. stands for Property Owner Association. If having a house on it made a difference, we would be an H.O.A.
    6. If we had a fire department only using the millage from the state, your fire insurance would triple.
    7. Both the P.O.A. and city are representative types of government. If you don’t like what they are doing, here’s what you can do, (1. Run for office, (2. Vote for someone that reflects your views,(3 Move.

    In summary, you can change things, but you have to go to the Board meetings and City Council meetings to express your views. most of these open meeting have 15 to 30 observers. Get active. Writing to this website may relieve you of stress,, but will not change a thing.



    The purpose of any open forum is to exchange ideas; the very foundation of a free society. Suggesting that it has no effect is a tactic used by tyrants and despots throughout history who want to control people, not serve them in a free and open government. Independent publishing is so precious to this country that it is guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution.
    To set the record straight:

    Real estate values in the Kiln are lower primarily because most of the areas in the Kiln are rural and not developed. Diamondhead property values are much lower than similar property without golf courses within a hundred mile radius. (source: than developed property in subdivisions.

    It is true that participation in POA elections has plummeted, but this was purely by design of an unelected POA president who unnecessarily lowered the number needed for quorum in elections. POA board meetings are far from open. People who have attended in the past have been generally treated rudely when presenting opposing views and even forced to leave by security guards who are paid for by the very dues members are forced to pay by the board. People tend to shy away from government when government is overbearing, at least for a time. People also avoid crooked contests.

    The revolving door that is exemplified by the appointments to the Water and Sewage Commission, Fire Protection District Commission, reeks of cronyism. The Water and Sewage district is embroiled in several controversies beyond just landscaping. It is preventing a large sorely needed medical facility from opening due to exorbident fees and jeopardizing other caregiver facilities by their rates.

    The city officials now in office were never elected, they were appointed by a POA committee.

    The fire departmentâs millage comes from the county not the state and other fire departments in the area do not charge fire fees. In fact no fire department in the entire state of Mississippi charges a fee for fire protection. Yet they enjoy much lower fire insurance rates than Diamondhead. State Farm insurance does not use a fire rating system and independently access the area for it rates on homes and businesses. According to CBS News over 70 per cent of this countryâs fire departments are volunteer and receive no funding such as millage or âfire protection feesâ. Two volunteer fire departments in the neighboring state of Louisiana enjoy a much lower insurance rating. Bay St. Louis and Waveland who do not charge a fire âprotectionâ fee enjoy ratings 4 points lower than Diamondhead.

    Over one hundred people have filed suit against the Diamondhead Fire Protection District and its board of commissioners alleging extortion and charging an illegal tax. The entire matter of these so-called âfeesâ is before the Mississippi Supreme Court to determine if they are legal under this stateâs laws.

    The neon signs were a stupid idea to begin with and will remain an eyesore and embarrassment until removed.

    The one thing that an open forum such as this does is allow for the exchange of ideas, views and the presentation of facts. Ideas, views and facts educate voters and anyone who diminishes the value of this open forum does not want an educated electorate. Neither did Hitler, Bin Laden, Stalin, Mussolini and numerous other demigods. Their tactics have been adopted by some in this community to influence the people by distorting facts, forbidding opposing views to be published in a corporate newsletter funded by the membershipâs own dues and refusing to participate in the debate. All under the same misguided motives that the fore mentioned tyrants who believed that they knew what was best for the people they repressed. This country was founded upon debate and this forum is an example of open debate far more effective than any venue presented via the obsolete medium of the printed word on paper.

    The one thing that this forum does very effectively is expose those who try to manufacture facts for their own benefit.


    A few comments to Mr. Alfonso’s critique of my posting..

    Regarding home values, where is there another development such as Diamondhead in the area? I’ll then check it out on Zillow.

    I have lived here for 13 years and have been keeping tract of the number of voters. Since then, the most that have voted is 1500.

    The city officials were not appointed by the POA. If they were, please show proof.

    The info on the fire insurance rates comes from my insurance agent.

    I didn’t mean to imply that posting was a waste of time, if the posters are also voting and attending POA and Council meetings.



    Suffice it to say we are very protective of our creation and have worked very hard to provide this venue to all.
    But with all due respect, I have lived in Diamondhead for 26 years, my family bought property in 1971. My wife has lived here for over 30 years and both of us have either witnessed or researched a variety items thoroughly for publication for over the past 15 years.
    Quorums of over 50 per cent were met in all DHPOA board of directors elections up until Lloyd Ramirez took office.
    Diamondheadâs property values have been in decline since Katrina. Just one example of a community that has higher property value than Diamondhead without a golf course is one of many in Slidell, La 30 miles away between E. Military Road and Gause Blvd. See,-la_rb/.
    The city officers and mayor were chosen by an âIncorporation Committeeâ with no public input allowed in 2008. One member of the committee was Chuck Yarborough who was also a member of the POAâs board of directors. How and by whom the Incorporation committee was formed remains unknown.
    Your insurance agent is mistaken. Rates are tied primarily to water supply, see: .

    You may also want to refer to: and

    These topics all represent articles currently under development that will be published shortly in the Diamondhead News Online.



    When business’s continue to lose money they go out of business.. but NOT here! Diamondhead just keeps putting more and more money into them.. I love the amenities.. but not at the price it’s costing us! Have you actually looked at the financial statements in the last few years! Really? The CC loses money, the Golf Course loses money, the Airport loses money, the Tennis loses money! I think the only thing that I’ve seen that works is the pools.. and I’m not sure what the expense was going to saltwater pools was, or was about..

    Just wondering how long we will continue to opperate the business’s, that lose money in the long run every year? Many strides have been taken over the last year to reduce spending, and that is well taken.. but when do you draw the line, and sell the things to someone who can either turn it around or lose their money? Maybe it’s time to get out of Purcell’s pocket, and actually do something that makes sense..


    I did a bit of poking around and found this on the MS Fire Ratings Bureau website. 39% of the rating comes from water supply, 39% comes from the fire department personnel, equipment etc., 9% from communications, and 13% from fire safety controls. Water supply is a significant percentage, but not the total determining factor. I feel safer with our fire district with the two manned stations and don’t mind paying for this warm and fuzzy feeling.

    I don’t see a conflict with a POA board member being on the committee that got the incorporation process started. I’m sure that if there was a problem that the lawyers would have pointed it out.

    There really are too many variables to compare home prices from one area to another. All I know is that I’m happy with the value of my house and am happy to have the amenities that we have and am willing to pay for them. You have been here for 26 years and have witnessed the changing culture. This change is good in my belief. The good old days that you cherish are gone forever.

    In any case, this is the end for me on these subjects as they are all history. Lets debate the things that can be changed.



    I believe the editor just Candy Crowleyed someone.

    Not all change is good. The Titanic represented change and wound up an overpriced wreck at the bottom of the Atlantic.




    Nice that you have a warm and fuzzy feeling. It is just I do not care to pay for your warm and fuzzy feeling. In my opinion, the fee/tax charged by the Diamondhead Fire District is an unlawful tax and that is the reason I joined others in a lawsuit to challenge the fee/tax. If you have not read the briefs filed before the Mississippi Supreme Court I would recommend you review the arguments in this case. If the court rules against the fee/tax and it is discontinued you can still volunteer to pay the $20 a month to the fire district. We don’t need a warm and fuzzy feeling all we need is for our elected and appointed officials to serve the public and not rule the public, serve honestly, with honor and follow the law. If having to pay more money for fire insurance coverage is the price I have to pay for holding public officials accountable for their actions and requiring them follow the laws and proper rules then so be it. It is a price I am willing to pay even thought it might not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. All other fire districts in the state support fire protection services with the milages allowed to them under state law. Without the extra fee/tax most have a better fire rating than Diamondhead. For example, both Bay St. Louis and Waveland, are rated better than Diamondhead and they don’t charge a special fee. In this case you could say “if there was a problem that the lawyers would have pointed it out.” Lawyers do not always share the same legal opinion about issues. That is the basis for most lawsuits. You also say you don’t see a problem with a POA board member being on the committee that got the incorporation process started. Do you see a problem with the committee concluding incorporation was in the best interest of Diamondhead and POA awarding over $80,000 to promote incorporation? Don’t you think the committee should have gathered all the facts, both pro and con and presented them to the membership so the membership can decide if incorporation was best based upon all the facts. In this case the committee made the decision as to what was best and the POA decided to fund the campaign to incorporate with our dues. I could understand if the money was used to educate the members on the issue but this was not the case. The monies were used to convince members to vote for incorporation. If you can not see something is wrong with this picture then you have your mind already made up and you do not want to be confused with facts.

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