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    The unelected city officials of Diamondhead have decided to lease purchase the Baptist church on Diamondhead Circle as the new city hall at the cost of twenty two thousand dollars ($22,000.00) per month. Any comments?



    Where are you gonna get $22,000.00 a month? Doesn’t it need a lot of repairs?


    We are buying it for about $1,000,000 and it appraises at $2,200,000. It is a good state of repair and should last us until the next hurricane wipes us out. Where else could you find such a deal?



    Where can you find a better deal? Did anyone look? Was it put out for bids?



    Sounds like a bad deal to me


    From you me. The county is now sending our share of the taxes. The city’s employees are doing the work. Please take a tour in about two weeks and you will agree that we got a great deal.


    Put out what for bid?


    Please tell me why it is a bad deal? Where else could they find a building large enough, with lots of expansion possibilities that is located on five acres of land. If push comes to shove, the prisoners can grow their own veggies.



    You know, when a government agency needs something it usually puts it out for bid. A needs analysis is done, specifications are written, notice of bids, etc. etc. Spending $ 1,000,000 on a building without a public bid is hardly ethical. Public officials are not in the business of real estate speculation so whatever the building is appraised for (the appraisal service went out for bid, I would assume) is of no consequence. The real question is what need does it fulfill, hence a needs analysis. Itâs called public trust. Then there is the law:


    Why not trust that they have conformed to all laws? Having attended several of the council meetings, I believe that they are within all laws. How many have you attended? why do you think that they aren’t? Trust but verify as some wise person said.



    Ever hear of Ray Nagin? You want me to trust an unelected body with no experience running a city? There is a difference between trust and just plain stupid. The question is remains: Did the city council of Diamondhead and Mayor follow a bid process in buying this building?


    if you have not been to any of the council meeting, why don’t you trust that they are doing everything in accordance with the law. If you don’t trust them, run for office you have until March 8 to put your name into the pot.


    Who would they bid against ? They were the only entity that has use for the building.



    Bid against? Do you have any idea how government works? If this wasnât so sad, it would be funny.


    Go to a council meeting. You’ll change your mind. I also suggest that you walk the new City Hall before commenting any further on what they are doing. Keep in mind, they are the last council that doesn’t have an agenda. if you think that they have one, tell me what it is.

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