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    This meeting was a bust! The 2nd speaker in particular was litterally stupid in her statistics and mannerisms. Every estblishment needs to have the right to chose what business they pay for and want to run!!! A petition is being signed, AGAINST the "non-smoking" actions… That’s all it will do is close some local business’s that have been opperating here for years. And, send everyone that does smoke and wants to have a beverage out the the back end of Diamondhead, which is Pass Christian! Not Diamondhead!! There are only 4 establishments that I even know of that allow smoking, quit picking on this New City! It’s only because they know they don’t have a chance in hell in Waveland and Bay St. Louis. I am not just speaking for myself, but for many many angry Diamondhead residents! Give owners the right to choose instead of tying their hands!

    I think Diamondhead is trying to lose it’s community. If so many people weren’t "Underwater" with their homes, more and more people would move in a heartbeat. Time to straighten out, and quit trying to run this "New City" with an iron hand. Just going to really **** a lot of people off.!! Oh yeah! Already have!

    When I go anywhere is Diamondhead lately, that’s all I hear about is very unhappy people, with the way things are turning out… including the incorporation, which I recently found out there is a petition being signed to resind the "City"… What does that tell you! People are NOT happy with being strong armed!!

    Get real to the board! The POA had been a pain in many aspects.. but not even close to as bad as this whole "compromise" between a city and the POA.

    Get real and make people want to actually live here again… right now SOOO many would RUN away if they could!

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