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    I sure can’t figure out what is happening! I got an e-mail at 2:49 PM stating that there was a POA Open Board Meeting at 4:00 PM. Seems strange to me that a notice would be sent out 1 and 1/2 hours before the meeting was called! Am I missing something here??




    At the POA Board meeting this afternoon, KYGER explained about the CHANGES in POA voting procedures re the Ballot info most of us received in the mail TODAY.

    NOW: Mail in BALLOTS will be thrown out! Only “PROXIES” can be mailed in now. (In previous elections, almost 900 of the usual 1200 votes are cast by mail.) Few except lawyers could read and correctly interpret the POA “ballot packet” mailing today.

    As far as I can understand the “spiel” from Kyger, you have to physically go vote at the Community Center on June 21, or use ONE of those weird “proxy” options. Most of the Board DID NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT THIS. Pres. Kyger just did it on his own with POA Staff and some old “legal opinion” that only HE and a Former GM knew about!

    After the POA meeting, it looks like one candidate (who has run before!) is NOT even eligible to run.

    Also, the POA’s letter and Proxy info with NANCY SISLOW designated as someone “convenient” (said Kyger) to send proxies to may be ILLEGAL because SHE is a candidate. (SEE: POA’s own By Laws.)

    Weird things are going on in this election.




    At the May 1 POA meeting, guess who was one of the 2 Board members who woke up toward the end and jumped to call to ADJOURN the meeting? This prize INCUMBENT “leader” is running AGAIN.
    A review of minutes since July 2010 (when he took office) shows that, of meetings where he was present*, 53% of the time HE was the one who jumped to call “MOTION TO ADJOURN”! And now he wants us to “promote” him so he can provide more of such “leadership”?

    (*It’s interesting to note that at least 6 months of Board minutes since the election in 2010 are either missing or incorrectly posted.)



    Who? I’d like to know for voting purposes.



    4 ‘INCUMBENTS’ are running in the June 21 POA election:

    Jerry Peppenger (incumbent Board member running for promotion to VP).
    Nancy Sislow (incumbent Secretary and wife of City councilman Thom Sislow).
    Bob Marshall (incumbent Treasurer; previous POA VP.)
    Chuck Perry (incumbent Board member running for the 2-yr. Board position).

    Watch for some easy-to-spot “Clones” (determined to maintain current POA “leadership” style) who are running in the races for President and 4-yr. Board positions. Ask around and you will be able to identify the Clones via their closeness with the above Incumbents and/or current President. Or see the Clones at POA meetings (like last night’s outrageous travesty) flocking around the Incumbents and the current President.
    Many of the faithful are already being lined up to tout the “Contribution Agreement” at the just-called Tues., 6pm, May 27 “Town Hall” meeting. The format may likely be the 15-for, 15-against speakers that is used to defuse Member opposition.
    (Coincidence?: The 6pm “Town Hall” is in direct conflict with the 2nd City Planing & Zoning Public Hearing, May 27 at 6pm, on the $1+ million East Rec Taj Mahal.)



    Here we go again! Is it just me?? I think that all of this confusion is going on because they want to keep us confused! First it was the sports center at East Rec–then it was the purchasing of the Baptist church-then it was the asinine voting procedures!! They are trying to get all of this done too quickly before we vote them all out and I will definitely not vote for any incumbent!!

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