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    Does the Diamondhead city council actually think it can control the behavior of cats?
    A. It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog, cat or other domestic animal to permit the same to run at large in the city. The term "at large" as used in this paragraph shall mean the failure to keep any dog, cat or other domestic animal within the confines of the property of the owner or harborer. It shall be the duty of the animal control officer to pick up any dog, cat or other domestic animal found running at large in the city, return the animal to its owner, if possible and to transfer to the Hancock County Animal Shelter if the owner cannot be located. Such dog, cat or other domestic animal shall be kept for at least seven (7) days unless claimed sooner by the owner. Within seven (7) days the rightful owner of any dog, cat or other domestic animal may, provided the dog, cat or other domestic animal has been vaccinated and tagged, as above set forth,
    obtain the dog, cat or other domestic animal upon payment of an impound fee in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00) for the first occasion and one hundred dollars ($100.00) for any subsequent occasion and in addition thereto, the payment of the boarding fee, or a fraction thereof, for the time the dog, cat or other domestic animal remained impounded. If no public facility is available for impounding the animals, they will be impounded, at the owner’s expense at another approved facility. If any unvaccinated dog, cat or other domestic animal is claimed during the seven-day period, such dog, cat or other domestic animal shall not be released under any circumstances until vaccinated and tagged, if required and charges shall be preferred against the owner thereof for failing to comply with paragraph 5 of this ordinance. If an unvaccinated dog, cat or other domestic animals not claimed within the seven-day period, such dog, cat or other domestic animal shall be transferred to the responsibility of the Hancock County animal shelter.
    B. The owners or harborers of all dogs, cats or other domestic animals within the city are hereby required to keep the same within suitable enclosures and are further required to keep said enclosures sanitary and clean so as to prevent disagreeable odors arising there from, or the presence of breeding of flies, mosquitoes and other pests.

    Attached files Ord_2012-025_Domestic_Animal.pdf (475.7 KB)Â


    No, they don’t think that; however they do think that they can influence your decision to let your cat out or not. Your cat walking on my car, hunting at my bird feeder or trying to catch the fish in my pond is not appreciated. Keep you pets in your house!



    They know less about cat behavior than they do about running a city, if that’s possible. How about taking down your bird feeder so they don’t ruin the finish on my car.


    How about me shooting your cat as he tries to feed at my feeder or eat my fish?



    Well maybe we can then put one of you "city fathers" in jail.
    Under Mississippi Cruelty to Animals Statutes Title 97 Crimes Chapter 41 Cruelty to Animals it clearly states the following:

    97-41-1. Living creatures not to be cruelly treated.
    If any person shall override, overdrive, overload, torture, torment, unjustifiably injure, deprive of necessary sustenance, food, or drink; or cruelly beat or needlessly mutilate; or cause or procure to be overridden, overdriven, overloaded, tortured, unjustifiably injured, tormented, or deprived of necessary sustenance, food or drink; or to be cruelly beaten or needlessly mutilated or killed, any living creature, every such offender shall, for every offense, be guilty of a misdemeanor.


    “needlessly mutilated or killed” this is the key. The cat is eating my birds and fish. This means that the cat must be put down as it is a danger to many of God’s critters. All you have to do to protect your cat is keep it in your house. What right do you have to inflict your cat upon me?



    So if you entice my cat off of my property (the ordinance says nothing about keeping a pet in your house) with your bird feeder and extremely shallow fish pond (btw raccoons eat fish out of local ponds, not cats), you have the right to kill my cat. Must be nice to have friends on the city council and sit on a city committee without being elected.


    I’m only talking with you because I’m bored, so I shall end it with this statement. “If you want to protect your pets and not be in violation of a city ordinance, keep them in your yard or in your house. By doing this, you’ll not be inflicting them upon your neighbors. Oh by the way, I’m well informed because I go to council and other meetings. You can do the same. I sure that they would value your input and attendance. Get involved. Oh by the way, I really wouldn’t shoot your cat. Take care and think of your neighbors the next time that you let your cat out.”



    Again, you have demonstrated your undeserved arrogance. If you knew anything about animal behavior, you would know that cats have a mind of their own and possess a much stronger tendency to roam, making it very difficult to keep some breeds indoors. I have seen a dog actually eat a humming bird in flight. That is nature. So by your logic if you see a dog on your property its dead meat. This is a very bad and obviously not well thought out ordinance since it seems to bring out the gunslinger/hunter in the community who consider themselves judge, jury and executioner of animals acting naturally. Especially if they serve on a city commission. And I am involved in dissolving this atrocity you and your golfing buddies created. http://www.citynomore.org


    Be careful for what you wish. Check out item “E” of the POA Rules and Regulations.



    Thought you were bored. Small minds can’t resist the opportunity to issue veiled threats, can they? One thing I will promise you: If people start finding dead cats we know where to look.


    Well its raining so I’m trapped in the house talking with you. I have not made any veiled threats, if you have read all of our exchanges. It just amazes me how people like you feel that they have the right to inflict your pet on your neighbors. If you don’t like Regulations and Rules or/or ordinances, you need to move from Diamondhead. Surely you read the Rules and Regulations before moving here. so you knew about “E”.



    Iâve lived here long enough that I pay as little attention to the POA as possible. What amazes me is that people like you want to kill what they donât understand and doesnât conform to their way of thinking. And keep talking, we get more signatures and volunteers when you post. http://www.citynomore.org


    You need to move as you are not willing to abide by the rules. I have no idea as to why you didn’t read them before you moved here. Some of us like rules and regulations to control people such as you that didn’t read them. I have a bridge to sell you as long as you don’t read the contract.



    Who the hell do you think you are telling people to move? I was here long before you moved in and long before any stupid rules were put in place by a board of morons. Its going to be you that needs to move when you can’t get your cheap golf and we vote your friends out of office and end this debacle. Besides, I’ll be watching out for any dead cats.

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