Overhaul the POA Board: Thurs., Jan. 29, 6 pm, at Library

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    Alliance for a Better Community, Organizing this Thursday, 6 pm, at the library

    GOAL: responsive government that is answerable to ALL the citizens of Diamondhead. Start with the POA board then move on to other community goals, as determined by you.

    STRATEGY: build a large, powerful, networked citizens group to force change every way possible – find like-minded candidates to run; remove officials who are unresponsive; seek competent legal advice on all our options and choose which to pursue, as decided by you.

    PLAN: devise action steps to carry out strategy and reach goals. That needs LOTS of community input so that it will represent what you want. We won’t sit around talking at the meeting – a few minutes of explanation then you take over:

    !. Walk around and read the wall charts of suggestions for goals, strategies, tactics, etc.

    2. Add your own ideas to the charts – we need all the input we can get.

    3. Vote for the ones most important to you by putting stickers next to them.

    4. Fill in a sign-up sheet if you want to get the results and start building the group.

    Thats it. Well compile the suggestions, prioritize by number of votes, send you the results, then together well start building the group and making the plan.

    SHORT ON TIME? No problem. Drop by, vote on what you want, and sign up. We want an active, networked group, not just sitting around talking about problems.

    YOUNGER COMMUNITY MEMBERS: your involvement is essential. We know how little time you have, so help find easy ways for you to discuss, provide input, and take action. Neighborhood groups that meet at home, ball games, or picnics? Facebook page? Other social networking? Whatever works so that you can fully participate.

    EVERYONE, bring your ideas and your energy and let’s end this good old boy governmental network by building a MUCH BIGGER, BETTER, AND FAR MORE INCLUSIVE one of our own.



    How to make Government in Diamondhead much more responsive and accountable to all its citizens?

    Bring your ideas, add them to the list if they aren’t there, vote on the best ones, and sign up to participate.

    You can do it in 15 minutes if that’s all the time you’ve got.

    Alliance for a Better Community, Thursday, Jan. 29, 6 – 7 pm at the library meeting room.



    A petition to remove Elton M. Kyger from the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners board of directors has been started here:


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