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    Louis Fuchs

    The agenda for the February 24, 2015 POA Board meeting has been published as of today. Among the items listed under “Old Business” are “Ball Field Project & Demolition Info” and “Ethics”. Rumor has it that the Board will be voting to spend $500,000.00 to create ball fields at the site of the old Tennis center and that the rest rooms and concession stand will have to be raised 19 feet.

    The other rumor has it that the witch hunt, under the pseudonym of Ethics, is on for a Board member who wanted sealed bids for the project.

    Instead of the change that members voted for, we’ve gotten more of the unseemly back stabbing that we thought we were rid of.



    Harvey will lead the charge of the Kyger Brigade tomorrow night at the POA Board meeting.

    The just -added to the Agenda this morning by Sec. McCulley “Ethics” topic is NOT a well-deserved ethics discussion relating to KYGER, who was recently CONVICTED of assault on a POA member.

    This ploy sounds like one the Klones’ usual techniques to deflect negative attention away from Kyger and distract their groupies with amusing shenanigans. Watch for Kyger’s key defense witness to stage an attack on someone else to deflect attention from his boss. Hancock County Justice Court statement from the Kyger trial by his key defense witness: “…I might have popped her in the nose!” The Judge found Kyger “GUILTY”…Kyger’s witnesses were not credible. http://www.seacoastecho.com/article_8555.shtml#.VM5tdyx841o
    http://www.sunherald.com/2015/01/28/6042066/former-diamondhead-poa-… MUG SHOT: http://www.seacoastecho.com/article_7965.shtml#.VOdGkSx841o

    POA Board Meeting:
    Tues. Feb. 24, 2015 at 7:00pm; Country Club, Emerald Ballroom.



    The ethics issue on the agenda is being handled by Mr. Harvey – what a joke – is the past president being censured for his actions at an Open Board Meeting. Of course not, a board member who is doing due deligence in the matter of the football fields is a scape goat to deflect the real “ethics” violations of a large number of board members. The new board sell outs and the old board thugs should be ashamed.



    According to the POA’s written Bid Policy, projects over $50,000 require sealed bids. However, the POA’s General Manager evidently can just thumb his nose at this Bid Policy and tell Board members that “that’s not the way they do things…” He continues to get away with such behavior since he is being “protected” by Kyger and his Klones on the Board and by HMS (our “management consultant” whose no-longer-a-subsidiary ForeFront Construction seems to be on the receiving end of so many un-bid projects).

    Watch the shenanigans tonight at the Board meeting.
    Members are allowed to ask questions on “AGENDA RELATED” OLD BUSINESS items such as “DPOA Signatory” (What? I can’t even guess what that is); “Ball Field Project & Demolition Info”; “Dog Park”, and “Ethics”, and on NEW BUSINESS such as “Committee Structures.”

    Of course, Members can only ask questions about these “Agenda” items BEFORE the Board discusses them. (How can Members ask pertinent questions about items disguised in vague terms like “Signatory”?) AFTER the Board reveals what the agenda items really are through Board discussion, it’s too late for regular Members to ask questions. As usual, there will likely be a few Kyger & Klones “plants” (toadies) primed to READ questions given them by their masters.

    And, WHEN will the Covenant Renewal Report show up on the Agenda so Members can ask questions about that topic?

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