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    Pardon my ignorance but if the POA doesn’t own the pools or the golf courses and the streets are under the city, what exactly are our dues supporting? While on the subject, an earlier thread explained there could be no liens against POA property owners for non paying members then what are the penalties for failing to pay POA dues?



    Here is what a group of us over the past months have come up with. POA has the north twin lake the south is Purcell, the POA has the pools except the Countyr Club. The Country Club, golf courses, is Purcell not POA and I belive the boating are still inder the ownership of Purcell. Now I heard that the property owners meaning us are paying Purcell taxes, when you bring up the tax map, each property list what the taxes are. Go to Purcell a.d it list 0 on all of them. .
    What makes me so mad is the amount the POA sinks into the CC AND GOLF and it is owned by Purcell and the homeowners have no voting rights on wha. is being payed out. As far as the liens, I have heard 2 stories on that. I know something needs to happen. My feelings let the city take over the pools, park and rec. And let Purcell do what he wants withe courses and eliminate POA.



    So we’re paying for commercial interests for which we have no real stake simply for the privilege of home ownership? On top of this it seems the local government is hell bent on high taxes for increasing itself into an inevitable state of incompetence.


    I would love to know where you are obtaining your information as it is so wrong. The POA owns all of the Diamondhead amenities. Now if the POA defaults on the take over agreement, Purcell does have the right of first refusal to take them back. I’m fairly sure that the POA is not paying taxes on any land to which Purcell has title. Where did you get this bit of information? Do you realize that if the city were to take over any of the amenities that your city taxes would have to increase so that they might be maintained. Hang in there until 2020 as that is when the covenants will start to expire and the POA may not be able to access you dues. Of course, when this happens, you will not have the right to use any of them.



    Try the Hancock County Tax Assessors office.see if that works for you.The POA is operated by a bunch of crooks that should have their a–kicked daily and run out of the State…all of you.


    wayne king

    Let Percell have the golf courses and country club back, it saves the property owners probably a little less or a little more than a million bucks annually. Percell can operate them and maintain them and charge the users appropriately, should be a big money maker for them……



    This is for Norman,

    Norman call the Hancock County Tax people, give them the parcel number for the CC AND COURSES and you find out it is owned by Purcell not POA. Also you always seem to side with POA on all your postings, how come you aren’t on the POA BOARD?


    Yes, I do side with the POA because I took the time before moving here to understand its function and to understand where my dues were and are being spent. I’m sorry that you moved here without doing your due diligence.

    I called the county and they would not help me. Would you please do some research to let me know where to look and by-the-way, the POA disagrees with your opinion. I’m not on the Board because I would be only one of eleven votes, which would cause me great frustration.

    You can be mad at the city as it wasn’t here when you moved here, the POA was. From my view point, it is operating the same way today as it was 13 years ago.

    Purcell would not take the golf or country club back as they loose money. Keep in mind that neither were built with the idea that they would make money. They were built to help them sell the house lots that they own.

    Please give me some details as to why you feel that the POA is operated by a bunch of crooks. Are they doing something different today than when they assumed control of the amenities back in the 80’s?

    Also remember that once you rid yourself of the amenities, you might as well be living in the Kiln. To reiterate, it just amazes me that people move here without understanding what the POA does and how much it will cost. We should all do our homework, before pulling the trigger to buy a house in an area that has a POA. With this learning experience, you should do better on your next purchase.



    Norm is rather a special case. No he is not a member of the POA or the city council.
    He is much enamored with authority and likes to portray himself as this patriarchal leader who somehow exudes a position of knowledge and authority. Of course he often fails in this attempt but not to worry evidence to the contrary rolls off him like water on a duck.
    His associated post “ a concerned citizen” is laughable. When confronted he often uses phrases like have a nice day as a feeble attempt to show his disdain for any for anyone confronting his remarks.
    As a concerned citizen he shows very little compassion for the average resident and even less social awareness of the well being of humanity.


    All that I can say is that you are so wrong; but if this is your opinion, “so be it”. I shall continue to respond to what I perceive to inaccurate statements and look forward to the dialog. Hopefully one of us will learn something.

    Oh yes, have a nice day.


    wayne king

    I feel your sentence about Percell not wanting the golf courses and country club back may not be completely correct, what it probably should be is that golfers using them did not want to pay an appropriate fee to use them an that they are happy with non golfers heavily subsidizing their play .Keep checking on those property deeds for the CC and golf courses I’d like to know the truth too. Surely a Zoning and Planning Official can get that piece insignificant information of public record.



    Norman, when I bought my home here in 1999, the dues were 40.00 per month, and that included garbage pickup..I live on a County road, so they don’t beautify, or do anything else for my area, and I feel 85.00 per month is a ridiculous sum for what we get..and it isn’t rocket science to realize that there is no reason to escalate the fees that much for the same old thing…plus losing garbage pickup.I have lived in an HOA environment before I came here, and they took care of a lot of things without raising the fees every time they sneezed.
    If you go to the Co ,(Jimmie Ladner’s office) they will tell you that the land (golf course) and country club is owned by Purcell.If you wish to keep your head in the dirt, by all means, do so, but you must admit I am correct about the POA and their atrocious dues..someone is putting money in their pockets.


    Hmm, your comment about the garbage pickup doesn’t match my records. Back in 1999, I was paying Waste Management. I wonder what the difference is? Does anyone else remember not paying for garbage pickup as it was included in your dues? I shall checkout what you say about the golf course and country club and will get back to you on what I find. Did you mean to use dirt or sand as I believe that the expression is “head in the sand”.

    I seriously doubt that anyone is putting money in their pockets as the management keeps changing. Since I have been here, we have had at least five POA general managers and the board has turned over quite a few times. One would think that if someone was getting rich that they would stay put. Do you care to speculate on who might be dipping into the pot?

    Prior to becoming a city, a portion of Diamondhead – East, Golf Club Drive and Kapalama were the only county roads in the jurisdiction of the POA. If my memory serves me correctly, they were as well maintained as the POA roads, if not better.

    With everything being relative, I don’t have a problem with the amount of dues that we pay as this is only the second POA environment in which I have lived. Now if we didn’t have to make up the shortfall in operating the pools, club, yacht club and airport, I would agree with you. We are stuck with these until the covenants start to expire in 2020. Remember that without these, your house would be valued the same as the houses in the Kiln.


    I have a copy of the executed Supplemental Agreement between Purcell and the POA. In it Purcell, coveys the club house and golf courses to the POA. It is dated December 21, 1984. All of the other amenities are listed in the Agreement. I guess that I’ll have to stand by my understanding of who owns what. See if Ladner’s office will send you a copy of what they are telling you that they have.


    wayne king

    Then file it and get a new deed in the POA’s name for the land descriptions of the golf courses and country club including improvements.

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