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    RE: POA dues for 2013
    So what can we expect this coming year? Can we expect a reduction?

    Just received my property tax bill, which included 34.25 Mill @ $4.50 each. Is this just for 2 months or should I multiply this by 6? This is four times what was stated while the petitions were being passed around.

    RE: New Electronic Marques Looks like we had money to spare.  Is this what we can expect from now on?  Spending down at the end of the year.   Seems excessive to me.  What really bothers me, is a request was made to put Merry Christmas on them, and the individual who inquired was just about reprimanded for even suggesting such a thing.  This community is largely Christian.  Three Christian churches in the City and two right next to Diamondhead.  If our representatives are going to spend our money, we should have a say so in what goes on the marques.  Please put “Merry Christmas” on the marques.  This is the reason for the season

    I hope those running for office read this and give it some real consideration.  It appears to me that the City of Diamondhead is going the same direction as the Federal Government who can’t run anything properly.  What irritates me most, is spending money by the City, like it is there to do what they want with.  New police cars, new Marques, performing maintenance around the water towers and the list goes on.

    What is with Security people still patrolling the City for?   Aren’t the police that we pay capable of accomplishing the same things? I suggest those who run for office, ask around about how most people feel about our new “City” so far. 

    We are going to price older people with fixed income right out of the City, or  was that the plan all along?

    I would like a reply to my comments if possible.



    My concern is the City Charter. Who drafted it ? Will it be presented to the voters for approval ? Can it be corrected/Amended by Elected Officials >

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