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    Again, isn’t there a POA election soon and do we have a nomination/nominations? It is certainly easier for all of us to debate, speculate and cry over those things effecting us in secreted meetings but wouldn’t it be nice to have trusted members on the board? Also, while Reddog preaches of withholding dues, if I’m not mistaken I read where the POA expenses contained a listing for legal work for the placement of liens on several properties. If I’m mistaken, then please correct me.



    It would be NICE indeed, but finding “trusted members” appears to be a challenge. Of the current lot of 10, at least 5 seem to regularly vote with the current dear leader, and several of those may run again. (The current President will still be on the Board as “Ex-Officio”, able to “influence” any mini-me’s re-elected, or advancing to higher officer positions, and any “new” insider-groupies elected.)

    The election is in June, “in conjunction with the Annual Membership meeting” (as stated in the current issue of the POA “news?”paper.)

    Positions open are all 4 officers and 4 directorships. Any POA member in good standing may run. Deadline for submitting paperwork is MARCH 31.
    (Call POA office for details, 255-1900.)

    I’ve been told that about 1200 votes are usually cast, however there has been an instance of “mysterious additional” votes (up to 400) which some “attribute to illegal use of POA membership numbers.” The interesting DH practice of “soliciting proxies” is already underway. (Purcell Corp. CANNOT vote in Board “elections”.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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