POA Employee Embezzelment

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    A report has been made to this publication concerning the arrest of an individual in the employ of the Diamondhead Country Club & Property Owners Assoc. for embezzelment. Further information and comments are welcome here.



    Certainly. To my knowledge you are speaking of the accused Debbie Holler who was arrested for embezzling what is now being called a large sum of money. Our local DA Chris Schmidt confirmed for me recently that Debbie is being considered for or in what they call an diversion program through the Harrison county District Attorneys Office. Debbie was offered this opportunity by our local DA. What this means is Debbie follows a short program of some sort and ends up with no guilty plea or record. Seems like a great idea if everybody could get this type of treatment. I don’t know Debbie and I have no desire to interfere with her new found freedom. So it is not all about the accused, it is about the abuse of the system and the fact that some people somehow find a way to get special treatment. Case B23002008 Hancock county circuit court case last entry to my knowledge June 2003.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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