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    I would like to urge all members of the DMGA and other “unofficial” golf groups in Diamondhead to post your scores in the computer after each round of play. The handicap system is in place to help establish an even playing field for all players. It’s impossible to compete against other players in tournaments if their handicap does not reflect their actual playing scores. It’s not hard to notice someone who carrys an 11 or 12 handicap in regular play but can go out in tournaments and shoot in the mid 70’s. In my book, that’s no different than cheating and anyone caught padding their handicap should be suspended from playing in tournaments. Our pro has taken a big step by refusing to validate handicaps if he believes the handicap to be incorrect, false, or that current play has not been posted. Do your part by keeping your handicap accurate and current!



    The much needed changes to Diamondhead’s handicap system is long overdue. The practice of allowing players to enter their own unwitnessed and unsigned scores is an open invitation to abuse. Of all the courses I have played around the world, this is the only place where I have seen this practice.
    Where I came from, only the pros could enter scores in the system and if you had a tee time or were cleared by the starter to play and you did not turn in a score card immediately after your round to the pro shop, a 72 (even par) was entered into your handicap record. If you did not complete the round a signed card with incomplete written on it would exempt you from a posting. Only a signed card by the player and a witness could change the posting and that had to be submitted by the close of the proshop that day. There were no exceptions. There were no eleven handicaps at this club that could break par regularly.


    There is now a USGA-guided handicap committee in place for all of Diamondhead. It has representatives from the DMGA, DWGA, DWGA 9-holers, and others. Watch for educational info and guidelines for posting scores, etc. from this committee soon. OK, let’s hear from you walking negative signs out there…. don

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