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    Elena Weber

    After the first open board meeting that was held at 6pm, we had several members come up and say thanks for going back to 6pm. When it went back to 7pm there were a number complaints and some of our regular attendees no longer came to the meeting. The board needs people to attend and voice their opinions, although after last Thursday’s open board meeting it was very obvious that most of the board does not care about our opinions. There have also been alot of requests for the workshop meetings to be open to the members. Please express your opinions about both of these issues. Thank you.



    Short answer – imo 6 pm meetings and open workshops might help the situation (to some extent).

    Thanks for asking Elena (or John Weber). As a night shift worker the 6 pm meeting time would be more convenient.

    imho The turn out would probably be a little better at 6 pm because Diamondhead is still an early bird city. Maybe the later time (7 pm) was adopted as a sad attempt to get people to spend money at the subsidized "Country Club" prior to the meeting…. idk

    Agree many don’t attend open meetings because it seems fruitless to think the majority forking over unjustifiably high dues will ever have any say as to how our money is spent. The non-golfing majority are discouraged from speaking up in subtle and often increase because we will be forced to keep the two 18 hole golf courses up to the high standard dictated by the people who really control the DPOA. (You’d think Diamondhead golfers would be willing to pay higher greens fees for their recreation as a matter of personal pride and dignityunfair.)

    Anywho, saying the same thing over and over isn’t going to change these greedy old dudes, Again, thank you for taking the time and having enough concern to solicit opinions of the people paying the dues Mr/Mrs Weber.

    Open workshops sounds good too. The more openness we can bring to the DPOA the better the future of our city.



    Elena and Jerry,
    I would love to see the open monthly meeting to go back to 6pm and open the workshops to the members also. I know myself would be there, but the time does need to change to 6pm instead of 7pm. The other night I myself didn’t get home till 8:40 and for families that work and retiries that is just too late. I feel if it was changed back to 6pm you would see more show up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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