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    I strongly recommend creating a new thread dedicated to removing Kyger and reducing the POA board size. . It almost certainly would be high in the list of goals to be accomplished by the ABC (Alliance for a Better Community)
    Both of these endeavors are closely related and would be best served by combining them on one thread. If the interactive activity on goal orientated threads tend to remain on topic a more positive outcome has a better chance of success. Even where solutions are not immediately found at least we will know where the situation stands.
    I suppose a higher priority would be to expand the size of our group but that will be more likely accomplished if at first any of our goals has been achieved. Success breads success and residents are more prone to join this movement if we display more than just rhetoric.
    Eliminating Kyger and reducing the board size are not mutually exclusive. These could be simultaneous operations. I do think it would be prudent to adopt a pragmatic approach to both of these.
    I fully understand the desire to just not remove Kyger but to degrade him. But expending a lot of effort without having considerable confidence of success is somewhat dubious. The truth is Kyger is more of a symptom of the dysfunctional governing body rather than the root cause. Part of the problem with this path to remove him is that the man is a callous individual totally impressed with himself and is likely to survive any attempt to get him to resign. Very few people are ballsy enough to participate in this adventure and his allies will support him extensively.
    The root cause of the dysfunction in our community is widespread and resides in some bizarre psychological makeup of many who believe they have reached some elevated status and it is their right and duty to display some form of superiority. This situation has slowly developed over years with one egotist after another maintaining this pungent atmosphere. Getting rid of one of their idols would have a huge calming effect but maybe not enough. Cutting back the number of board members would require them to make new alliances and they will probably cave in.
    At this point I am somewhat embarrassed in that I have to admit my ignorance about the legalities and procedures required to make these changes. I do get the impression from Mr. Fletcher that he knows the way if he gets sufficient community support.



    Righton rohboat! I’ve been told by a few of Marshall Kyger’s friends that he looks down on people from the southern states such as Mississippi. Dumb southerners. At the risk of showing my age I’ll say I’m reminded of a song from my day. A song by 4 brothers from Mississippi–The Chambers Brothers–"Time Has Come Today".



    Right, Rohboat:


    ….then deal with the other snake segments as they writhe around without their brain attached. Get rid of the K. Klones on the Board. We all know who they are.

    Great photo of the PERP:

    PETITION to Remove KYGER:



    Well written post rowboat. Have a special meeting for members to vote Kyger off the poa. If they decide to update the bylaws as they legally should have done and if they give dues paying members a copy as they are legally bound to do then we can strategize a legal way to shorten director term-limits to 2 years as well as make the board smaller. You are correct, these steps will go far in our effort to put the majority in control of the poa votes. Anyone please correct me if I’m wrong but I think hoa-poa boards only have to have 5 members. Ours has 11 and some of the 11 just vote along with what Kyger wants rather than listening to us as they are supposed to do. btw don’t be embarrassed for not knowing the procedures. I think certain board directors past and present either don’t know the procedures or have kept the information away form us, the dues paying membership. We need updated copies of the bylaws pronto! If the poa by-laws are outdated then we do not have to recognize or pay dues to this poa.



    Rohboat, where are you?? Haven’t seen anything from you in way too long and am hoping all is well.



    Hancock County Justice Court: The Judge found Kyger “GUILTY”.


    Jan 27, 2015: Hancock County Justice Court statement from the Kyger trial by one of his key defense witnesses: “…I might have popped her in the nose!” Another of his great witnesses: “…HA, HA, HA!…” Another great witness quote: “..we kind of look at her and laugh.” Prosecutor: “You looked at her and laughed?” Witness: “I don’t know. I didn’t really pay attention…”

    Kyger’s conviction for assault on a female member gained INTERNATIONAL publicity for our community. Kyger’s “fame” has spread “across the Pond”: He even made the Daily Mail in the U.K. Other places where news of Kyger’s conviction has spread: Baton Rouge, San Francisco, Chicago, San Antonio, Memphis, Washington, etc. Plus websites such as “Condo & HOA News”, “Conservative News”:



    We need to get rid of the whole poa or else they’ll keep adding new amenities that will cost us forever like this unwanted youth football complex. The majority of dues payers don’t want it. Non dues payers don’t get a vote. They shouldn’t be allowed to crash our poa meetings to demand that we spend our money on their kids if they don’t pay poa dues.

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