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    Do the members of the Diamondhead POA receive salaries? If so, how much? Is the General Manager position a paid position? If yes, how much does that position receive? Is there a place on the website where I could research this for myself?





    Several members are employed by the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners, Inc. The practice has been controversial and in place for over twenty years. The general manager is a paid position and Mr. Marz is a property owner/member. Although the POA board refuses to disclose pay rates, our sources tell us that his salary is over $70,000 per year excluding benefits.



    Wow! That is a great deal of money. He must have a lot of responsibilities but does he have any real accountability? I work and am unable to attend any of the POA meetings. Have any of you attended? Are they very productive? What I see as a Diamondheadian is a very manicured community. I love living here, but since I have subscribed to this forum, I am becoming aware of inherent problems with the governing body. Maybe we can eventually clean up this act.


    wayne king

    I would expect that some D’Head POA Employees are hourly paid employees. If there is no job description with an accompanying hourly rate plan for that position how in the world do employees know what they make when applying for a job or gain seniority, longevity, increased responsibility or whatever would determine a pay raise increase. The discretion of the board? I’m not exactly sure but I do not think that would be an appropriate hiring practice according to the Dept of labor. Employees should know exactly what their pay scales for their positions are with accompanying job descriptions. When advertising for a salary position how does one know what the pay is for a position? Do we give one applicant one wage and another applicant a different wage in order to get one or the other to withdraw and then give the remaining applicant what we want depending on who it is? Lacking all of these accepted hiring practices and not adequately staffed to correct them or refusing to correct them due to secretiveness, and a desire to be secretive is not what America is about, we need openness in our community so all can feel part of it. And in the meantime the POA is probably open for more law suits ect. due to undocumented hiring practices. And for what its worth, Contracting for many of the services we enjoy here in D’Head is a much more budget friendly way to provide these services especially when projected over a long period. Possibly all of D’heads employees are independent contractors, I don’t know, would be nice to know however. After all it is our money.



    I was considering moving to Diamondhead. After reading all of the things I have read at this site, regarding the secret society(POA), I would be frightened to death to become part of such anarchy and the lambs that succumb to it so willingly.



    The is why I will not work for the poa again. After Katrina it took them longer to get the country club running then it did the Golf courses. Their are more people on welfare that work for the poa then the fast food places.GO FIGURE!!!!!

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