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    With the recent home invasion and armed robberies in the community we are soliciting comments and suggestions concerning the current state of security.



    Not being a fulltime resident the fact that an alarm system is mandatory and police response mandatory seem only logical. Maintaining the grounds and have a “good neighbor” look out for you interests is a logical progression for a secure community. The adoption of a “Neighborhood Watch” program seems like a step that needs to be considered.



    Since when is an alarm system Mandatory for Diamondhead? I’ve never heard of that before.. I’ve lived here for almost 5 years, and I think too many people take for granted the area we live in. Like Diamondhead is such a big name, nothing bad happens here… Do You all remember right after Katrina? Many homes were broken in to. I think the POA likes to keep a hush hush on bad things that happen here. So instead of getting the real truth out, 10 rumors go around, and no one knows what the truth really is. I think that’s more work than just telling us what’s happing so we can be prepared. For example, letting people know NOT to open their doors if they don’t know the person or NO ONE is standing there!

    It is NOT a GATED community. Because of only two ways to enter, and $65 a month.. it should be. For all the money the security force has been paid. Even with the upcoming CITY … we should be able to afford two people, one at each entrance, for 7 or 8 bucks and hour.. 24/7
    They can give out passcards or winshield passes to make life easier for residents. Any Non residents should sign in…. Isn’t that why we pay so much to the POA? Aren’t we expecting a peaceful lifestyle? Life is not without trouble and events that are unexpected… but with a huge “City” that only has two places to come and go… why aren’t we “Gated”?

    A Neighborhood watch is always a good idea. Evem though not really implemented, I think I keep and eye on my neighbors places when they’re not home, as I expect they would mine. A “Formal” Neighborhood Watch” Commitee is a great idea. Especially keeping out any officals of the POA. That way all the truths will be told about our town, and people will be more informed and safer.

    I’ll look into it and start one… any one else? I’ll talk to the local Sherrifs Department and our Fire Department for some advice………………?

    Renee Kiedrowski
    Alakoko Drive



    I would agree that the Neighbor watch group can make a difference but, respectfully, disagree on the mandatory alarm system for everyone. Personally I would have an alarm system on my own home, but it goes a bit too far to make this mandatory.

    I do think that Diamondhead should be a Gated Community. The residents in Diamondhead pay more that some gated communities that have more security as it stands today.

    This does not necessarily mean that all entrances would have to be manned 24/7. Automatic entrance Gates with multiple (4 or 2 each side) video surveillance cameras could be a minimum to track who comes and goes during the daylight hours. This would be a very low cost option as compared to 24/7 security guards. Should a crime take place, it gives the police information on vehicles, tag numbers and often faces to go with the automobiles. You might be surprised to learn that a thief will think twice about committing a crime in an area where he knew his movements, coming and going, were being watched. During the evenings and night time a card entry system for residents to enter and a keypad for their approved guests could be utilized. I have actually seen this type system work very successfully in a gated community where I live in North Carolina.

    When people drive up to a gate with signs that say “Residents only” most people will usually turn around and not come in. Signage alone can be a deterrent. If there is a guard building adjacent to the gate, well lit at night, that in itself, is a deterrent to outside people entering; whether the building is manned all the time or not.

    During the higher traffic times a manned entrance would be another option for increased surveillance and a way to keep down the possible “casing” of the area for a future crime by a thief.

    I have not built back my home in Diamondhead yet but I think that I probably will, sometime in the future. I certainly would like to see some increase in the security levels at all entrances.



    When I stated that an alarm system was mandatory I didn’t mean for everyone only for me and my circumstances of not bein a full time resident. Security cameras throughout the community would be a major deterent for all types of crime. At the least at major intersections and entrances. I plan, in the near future to install them on my property to monitor the grounds with access to the video anytime through the internet.



    Unfortunately there are not just two ways into Diamondhead, there are over twenty. Golf Club Drive and Kapalama are county roads. Access to them cannot be restricted. Unless the county is willing to turn over these roads to the POA creating a truly gated community is impossible. The county will do no such thing since it is one of only two roads that connect north Hancock County to the south. Obviously the community was not laid out with security in mind.



    Why could we not be a gated community? We pay ample funds to purchase the roads if necessary, gate them, and place access cards for resident entrance only. This is something that I would vote yes on, promote, and not complain about the $65.00 monthly dues. My brand new, just off the showroom floor, only had for 12 hours, car had the back window shot out with a bb gun. Of course, it was raining and of course, security told me that there was nothing they could do. My neighbors mail box was run over, in front of her. They got the tag number of the vehicle…not only security but Hancock county said….there is nothing we can do.

    If the community was gated at the very least we would know that the problem was within our community instead of people coming in from the outside. And I apologize to all of you golfers out there but there are more important matters than golf courses and flower beds. These items are simply not worth $65.00 per month. The runners in and outside of the community run on a track that is damaging to your knees. I actually blew out a knee and had to go get cortisone shots because of the track and its shape, instead of an oval, corked or rubber tracked we have a weaving, asphalt one. It is simply too much noise for what they do. LOL it is like taxation without representation. Maybe we should all go and dump some tea in the country club swimming pool.

    As it is



    I think there is a simple solution.
    1. I’m fairly sure it is a requirement to have a Diamondhead bumper sticker.
    Diamondhead Security should stop any vehicle inside the private roads without a Diamondhead sticker and question their purpose.
    2. The gate at the front should have a GATE and not allow vehicles to just drive by.
    3. Hire more security guards. ( Less expensive than incorporation)



    Number one, the only reason there is an exit to Diamondhead, Ms. is because the exit leads to a public road. The Federal Interstate system does not allow an exit from an interstate highway into a private community. Federal expenditures are for the general public benefit and and not for the benifit of private subdivisions. Originally the main entance to Diamondhead was via the Kiln Delise Road. In order for the federal gov to provide an exit from l-10, it had lead to a public thru way and that requirement still stands today. Secondly, all U.S. Mail would have to be delivered to central station where it would have to be picked up. U.S. Mail cannot be delivered to individuals in a gated community. Citizens that live in apartment complexes also do not receive mail delivery to their apartments because they are private property. It is not sufficient to just say we want a gated community and expect it to be that simple. Some obstacles may be overcome and if not then we might need to lower our expectation for public services if we become gated. I am not opposed to the idea I just think that much more thought and planning have to given and the consequences of going to a private community have to weighted. It is not as simple as some suggest it is. Just my thoughts.



    First of all, there is no “Requirement” for people to put the Diamondhead bumper sticker on their cars. I haven’t, and won’t do it, until someone gives me a good reason to. I see it as serving absoultely no sense what so ever. I have heard people “joke” about those with the the Diamondhead stickers on their cars, being a tell tale sign for auto mechanics, etc.. just to charge more… For me, I just won’t dirty up my car with a sticker that serves no purpose.

    The person that wrote about the “other” entrances… I don’t know about any “20”.. but you’re right now that I think about it, that I do know a few entrances off some side roads… That would have to be resolved before a gated community could start.

    As far as not getting mail in a gated community, I’m not sure where that info comes from. If it’s a MS thing, I don’t know about that. My dad lives in a gated community in IL and he has a normal mailbox. I’ve never heard of not delivering mail to a community that is gates. But,.. I admit, I know little about such things.

    As far as these burglaries are concerned. It’s really a shame that it is coming here. But that’s what happens when you have a small area with over 8000 people… Diamondhead keeps growing, and it just doesn’t seem like the town home community it was. I guess maybe we do need our own police. More than that, everyone watch your backs when you’re driving home. Being aware of your surroundings is the safest way to go.



    Security here is getting worse.

    As for the interstate…that is correct it does have to exit to a public road. However, that public road can stop at the fire department. The front of DH is not owned by the POA anyway. All of that land is privately held, at least that is what the POA told me when I inquired about purchasing a commercial properly. They said that I would have to find the owners and contact them directly because DH only owned the residential part of DH. So let them come in and spend money with the shop owners gat the rest.

    The mail delivery I disagree with, the mail carriers deliver on private roads to private property now and the only change would be that Golf Club Drive would become private. If they could not deliver to a private community then everyone living off of Golf Club Drive would have to pick up their mail at a central public location.

    And the bumper stickers…I do not have one and will not put one on my car. The POA did say that is was mandatory and that it was mandatory to display it on your bumper…not on a window…they insisted the bumper. I didn’t pay 37K for a car to have stickers placed on it and ruin the paint job. If they want some kind of windshield/rear window sticker like the military has to enter a base, I would do that but not a bumper sticker. And as for it being a beacon for crooked auto repair shops…it does not have to read DH…because they are out there.

    I am also concerned about the burglaries. That is just another reason to close the gates.



    If you remember in the Katrina aftermath, the looters did not enter through the gates, but off of side roads or the interstate, and cut through wooded areas, or the golf course. Would a gate or bumper sticker deter this?

    Motion sensor lights outside, Neighborhood Watch, security systems, and beefing up Diamondhead securuity may be the best bet.



    No a gate or bumper stickers would not stop that type of behavior. But we are not talking about hurricane aftermath, we are talking about every day, normal living. It would stop the kids from coming through DH after drinking at the bars by the interstate. They would have to leave the way they came in and not through our streets. It would stop the speeders that do not live from racing down Golf Club Drive. It would stop a lot. And all of the problems left should be our own to deal with.



    To qualify for an interstate exit the street has to be public and a thru way route not just to a deadend street as you suggest. As least this is my understanding of the federal regulations. I am not positive about the mail delivery but I do know two gated communites that have group mailboxes at the entrances. Even our condo and Devils Elbow residence do not receive personal mail delivery. True we receive delivery even thought our homes are on private street. Maybe we should not be talking too loudly about it (smile).



    LOL, no we would not want them looking for some way out of it. We will all be going to the Post Office to pickup our mail.

    You are probably correct about the thru street, but I think that something could be done. Even if they made the street that runs along the interstate connect to Delisle Road it would be better than having DH residents at risk.

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