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    The Silver Slipper Casino has signed an agreement to build and run a restaurant at the site of the Diamondhead Yacht Club. Comments and opinions are welcome here!



    Good News. I guess. We shall see.






    Great news! Smart business on both parts. POA management actually did something smart for a change. Now let’s get incorporated so that we can benefit from the sales tax and revenue from the new casino and the yacht club. Get on the ball people or the ball will roll over you.



    Great News. If the food is as good as at the Casino we have a real winner. Maybe they can take over the Country Club too!!!!!!!!!



    We need to give them the golf courses and be rid of those red ink producing white elephants. Then we can truly consider a proper proposal for incorporation.



    I can’t wait for the place to begin construction and opening. Willl they have shuttle transportation to the Slipper? What will happen to the adjoining property ?



    I agree with the idea of selling the Country Club to Silver Slipper too. Great idea. That is what should be done either by them or the other “possible” casino that might be built here. And yes, we need to get off our butts and finish the incorporation very soon.


    Jerry P. Moreau

    At first glance, having the Silver Slipper take over the Yacht Club is excellent news. HOWEVER, I would reserve judgement until all details are published. I heard that the Slipper will pay the POA $5,000 per month as a lease for the land. Is this true. Also, how long is the initial lease? The Sun Herald stated that the Slipper will invest 1.5 million dollars and will design the Yacht Club. Will they own the building? The Slipper will no doubt advertise to get customers to eat at the yacht Club. Why didn’t the POA try to do the same? What do they not advertise the Golf courses, Country club and Tennis Club to the public?
    YES, this looks like a move in the right direction. I agree with others on this web site that the POA should do the same with the Country Club and Golf courses. However, as stated in my platform as a candidate for president of the POA, my preference would be to turn ALL the amenities over to the City of Diamondhead when it becomes incorporated. If the POA can “make a deal” with the Slipper, why can it not do the same with the City and just eliminate the POA.
    Jerry P. Moreau


    The Silver Slipper is an excellent choice for the New Restaurant! I work for them every Thursday moving people from the Supermarket Breezeway to the Casino and spend lots of time there. The employees are happy with Management, The food is excellent and the place is always so clean. A+ for this POA action, Lets do away with money losing ventures and only expend our capital on devices with a return or real public good.



    What will happen to the insurance money that was received to rebuild the Yacht Club? Is it being used for some other entity? I do like the idea of the Silver Slipper taking over. Unfortunately we probably can’t rebuild because insurance is so expensive. What a covenience as it would be walking distance for us.



    Great idea and most welcome. Give them the CC and the maintenance group at the golf club with it. Never saw so many people standing around and running enough equipment for an army and cannot keep the grass green!!



    All I can say is finally we have some common sense among the majority here. Now if we can convince the diehard individuals who don’t want to sell the CC and other entities that are losing money daily, things will be looking up around here. We need better roads, law enforcement, and more cooperation. The ONLY way this can occur is to incorporate before it is too late. Otherwise expect Bay-Waveland to try to annex us.



    It is nice to see the Slipper taking the yacht club over. What I would like to know is that all we are going to get $5000.00 a month or will we get a part of the sales also? If we do make a profit what will it do for us the members? Will it lower our dues or will we get a discount at the new club. If the POA profits then the membership should also? As far as the golf course goes I think for all the play the pine has been getting it looks in great shape. The Cardinal course is looking good and I for one can’t wait for the August opening. The only way I would vote for the slipper to take over the courses would be for the current members to be grandfathered in and their membership dues frozen. I for one have seen what happens when an outside management group takes over a course. Sure they made a profit but at what cost, half the original members were priced out and could not afford the membership. I am for anything that makes Diamondhead a better place, but not at the cost of members whether they be a majority or minority.


    wayne king

    This post pretty well sums up what the prospective problem has been with POA financial management decisions, hope the new administration thinks about this post when faced with the decisions on the budget and fees that surely are comeing.

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