Silver Slipper Restaurant

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    Any help from developers that will promote our community is welcomed with open arms. I would hope that the POA contacted the company trying to get us the new casino to see what they think about another casino trying to place at their door step an amenity such as a restaurant? Diamondhead Casino may have a master plan in mind for the new casino and may have had bigger plans for this location. 🙂



    The POA manages the land where the restaurant will be built and, as far as I know, the Diamondhead Casino Corp. has no interest in that section of land. Land immediately to the east of the proposed restaurant is part of the POA and someone else is buying land directly to the west of the proposed restuarant where the old Harbor House condos were located. The section of land immediately to the west of the proposed restaurant where the condos were is not part of the POA. However, POA property does start again where you can take the first left off of Airport Drive. According to the newspaper, the land immediately to the west of the restaurant may, or may not be, classified as “casino land.”

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