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    wayne king

    Looking at the POA budget figuers in the January 2009 Diamondhead News Paper, I couldent locate where the income from the Storage lot is shown, does anyone know what area of the budget this income is shown or what is duriveing the benefit of its income, which is quite substantial and would be more if it was enlarged. Do we even own it, it is administered by the POA, it should be shown in the budget. Its one of the few things besides the Marina that runs in the Black.



    Yes Wayne, the POA does own the storage area out back. Here is another item you may be interested in the 2009 Budget, $113,000 for Capital Improvements. This amount also includes overlaying the streets. The POA collects $10/month of the POA Dues money per property owner earmarked for street overlaying. With just under 5000 lots, that would equal close to $550,000 if everyone paid annually( $10 x 11 months x 5000 property owners). When & how is the POA planning to use this money for street maintenance? How much was the final bill to relocate the 19th Hole and was this paid for through the $600,000 borrowed last year? Security has now been directed to”sit still” for 3 hours per shift per person. This is to save gas money. They say Security runs radar at this time. There is only one radar gun in house but then the POA placed a 50 mile limit per car per shift restriction on all Security vehicles. Diamondhead still has close to 90 miles of roads in it. Security is now doing their own ground maintenance around the Security building at the front gate (to save money). Is this when they are patrolling Diamondhead or answering calls? Who’s doing the “gardening” around the Airport and Marina? Security personel must also purchase the own paper products, paper towels and toilet paper, for Security and then get reimbursed with presentation of receipt. The latest “communication” from the POA Board explaines why they are opposed to rezoning areas of the South Side to C3. Why were some members of the Board opposed to the rezoning for the new 2nd Fire House off of Golf Club Drive?
    POA BOARD MEETINGS; 1st TUESDAY of EVERY MONTH, 3:00 @ Country Club. There were 5 residents present at January’s meeting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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