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    A THOUGHT NO ONE WANTS TO THINK, is what happened to all of us in Katrina. Heavy damage by all of Diamondhead was evident, but those affected by Storm Surge? How about CLEANED? Nothing left but concrete slabs. Of the 250 upscale waterfront and airport homes on the southside, there were THREE left after the storm. Not one of those was waterfront. Nothing remained of all those beautiful waterfront homes but bare slabs and pilings. That is, the remains were scattered throughout the woods———-
    WE ARE LIVING IN FEAR of a repeat of Katrina’s storm surge.
    And until we address those fears, our recovery will be agonizingly slow. Of those 250 former homes, only 50 have been built since the storm. How many will consider building with this kind of history, and with the knowledge that there have been TEN such storms in the last century in our area?
    THE ANSWER TO THE PROBLEM is build a STORM SURGE BARRIER across the mouth of St. Louis Bay. And Biloxi Bay. Antique technology, over 200 years of SSB’s have been built. New concepts now being promoted make such a barrier inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and reliable. We need that protection. With it, we become what our area deserves to be. A wonderful, peaceful place to live. Let your elected officials and congressmen know you want this idea STUDIED. An email or phone call. That is all it takes to get the process rolling, and get us a Storm Surge Barrier built.

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