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    The apellate brief has been filed. Please post your comments here.

    Read the filing here:

    Attached files 07.01.10 IRDI Principal Brief FINAL.pdf (226.9 KB)Â


    wayne king

    Surely, there are more than 46 appellants. With almost 4000 favorable signatuers why would incorporation be curtailed because of 46 desentors? I personally do not care, however we certianly do not need both. I would however prefer to have state auditor access and a city prosecutor.



    Incorporation? Will a few individules who may have an interest in keeping the status quo in place, stop making this a real community on the Coast. The POA would be fine if there were several hundred families, rather than several thousand. It seems as though nothing happens in Mississippi, that stopping anything from happening won’t apply. Please present progress as it happens in regard to this issue of Diamondhead Incorporation. I fear it will be stopped for no other reason than Some long time residents want it to stay a suburb of New Orleans until they pass on.



    Well…the proponents of having Diamondhead become a municipality should be feeling real good because of the Missisippi Supreme Court’s ruling. The court ruled the procedure followed and the signatures gathered were sufficent to satisify Mississippi law. Not that the move was the best thing for Diamondhead residents but that the letter of the law was followed. Now it is time to fund the many salaries, health insurance premiums, workers compensation fees, vehicles, fuel, buildings, utilities, etc. etc. that we must now, as city residents, be responsible to fund. Property taxes will significantly increase to provide necessary milliages to the city, licence plates fee will be raised, etc.. If you are one of the many who were told the POA fees would be reduced to off set the additional city taxes will be very disappointed. All Diamondhead eminites, streets, etc will still have to still be paid by residents. What do we get in return? Naught. Nothing. Zero. We now have bigger government, higher taxes and no benefits that I can see. Fire, law enforcement protection, water, sewerage, street maintainance, grass cutting, etc. etc. services already exsist. All felony cases will still be tried in State court and still prosecuted by the Hancock County D.A. Sheriff Office will still provide services to the City of Diamondhead. City police will do no more than the Sheriffs Office presently does except for enforcing city ordiances. But…I guess we will just have to open our wallets, shed a tear and pay the piper. (sniff)

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