The Diamondhead City Charter

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    Would like to start a NEW thread regarding the Diamondhead City Charter. Who is drafting it ? Is it already drafted ? If so, who had authorization to draft it ? When will it be submitted to the Diamondhead Voters for Approval ? If UnElected/lUnAuthorized Personnel drafted the document, what is the process for Correcting/Amending the document ?


    I’ve searched for hours now, and can find absolutely nothing. You’d think that Delbert Hoseman’s office (Mississippi Sectetary of State) would be forthcoming about such a big deal, but there is nothing to be easily found.

    It looks like Ingraham and the new city officials just appointed themselves. I never saw a ballot.

    This “new city” deal is starting to be idiotic in implementation.






    It was announced on the NEWS that Diamondhead had become a city in February 2012. This letter is a Public Record Demand pursuant to MS Statute 61-5 for you to produce a certified copy of the Diamondhead City Charter.

    I am demanding that the documents be converted into a PDF format and sent via attached Email to J.K.Overstreet – It is my understanding that this is to be accomplished within 14 days of the date the request was delivered to you as specified in MS Statute 25-61-5

    If there are any fee’s associated with making electronic PDF files, then please advise James Overstreet within 1 day after the delivery/receipt of this Email as specified in MS Statute 25-61-5 of what the established policy for making copies and/or for having a paid government employee simply scan, create a PDF file, and simply Email it.



    I is somewhat appalling at the lack of interest to the content of the City Charter ( CityConstitution ) … i.e. something that is hard to change and the actions taken by the UnElected Interim Appointees. I read a newspaper article printed in Feb 2012 where it was mentioned that MS-SOS Delbert Housman presented the Diamondhead Charter to Diamondhead. Who wrote and developed the document ? Does anyone care ? And who was the idiot who arranged for city Gestapo to ticket the resident tax base as they go to and from work ? Who are these cruds ?




    It is refreshing to hear a voice of reason and knowledge. If you read previous post on this site, over the past several years, you will see many of us tried to warn the residences of the pit falls of incorporation. You are absolutely correct when you state it was a movement by many who wanted to control this area. To prove your point, the POA officers approved an expenditure of over $80,000 (our dues) to promote incorporation. This was not to educate the residences but was solely to promote making Diamondhead a city. The opposition forces were denied a voice even in the area newsletter. Hard to believe, no? We enjoyed private streets, a competent sheriffs office, low vehicle registration fees, no city taxes and the most crime free community on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. How voters were convinced that the area would be safer with public streets as opposed to private streets is hard to believe. Must be something in Diamondheads water supply. It was argued that we had a vehicle speeding problem in Diamondhead and because highway regulatory laws in Mississippi were not applicable on private property we must make them public to stop this unlawful (speeding) activity. One of our residences borrowed a radar detector and set it up for a day to see how bad the speeding was in Diamondhead. He determine the average speed was 37 miles an hour. The problem was more a perceived problem than a real one. If this was the main reason, as some would argue, for incorporation then the private streets could have been turned over to the county and we could have avoided the hugh expense of funding an entire city with all the payroll cost, vehicle and equipment maintenance cost, etc. etc… I feel many have been mislead by incompetent leadership and ambitious individuals with personal agendas. I cannot see what we gained but certainly can see what we lost. And what was lost will never be regained. Sad.



    Move to George County and avoid all that B.S. and the Diamondhead Mafia.

    Sorry, it’s a dry county for all you winos. Surrounded by wet ones, however. 😎


    I spent the first 20 years of my life in Lucedale. Haha. Need to move back there.



    I guess I’ll never be able to sell my house now



    We talked to a realtor this weekend about selling our house, if you are going to sell now will be the best time. Next year the property taxes will be going up again and there will be a flood of properties going up for sale.



    This is an interesting thread conversation. Is it possible for the Diamondhead Mayor and council to continue on in office indefinately? I don’t think that will happen and when an election is called, that would be the time to address many of your complaints. The ballot box will either resolve the brash accusations you have made here or move someone else into the Mayor’s position you can whine about, but whatever you do, don’t think constructively, move any good ideas forward or have intelligent discussions concerning the issue of Diamondhead moving forward an solving whatever problems it currently has, whatever you do.



    The main complaint (whine) of those with whom I have spoken are the additional property taxes placed upon the residents because of the incorporation of Diamondhead. To suggest the election of new city officials will reduce the size and expense of being a city does not make much sense to me. Another often heard complaint (whine) is having two groups controlling the area. The city governs with municipal codes and the POA governs with rules and regulations. And….we fund them both. Many of us believe intelligent discussion is needed and some effort should be made to correct the mistake of incorporation. I wish it was as simple as electing new leaders.




    Many do not understand what a city charter actually is (including me) so I am providing a description so we understand what you are requesting and why it is important. A city charter is a formal document filed with the federal and/or local governments of a nation. A city charter, also called a town charter, declares the formation of a new town, city or municipality in the United States or Europe.

    Charters have been used for centuries, dating back to 15th century Europe. Towns or cities chartered by early European monarchical governments were usually under the direct authority of a king or queen, rather than a local lord or baron.

    Establishing a new town or city is no small legal task. City charters take years to be approved by government officials and local, affected populations. Depending on the location, the government may have complete authority to approve or deny a charter. In other cases, all local residents gather to debate and vote on the charter.

    City charters declare the intent to found a new city or town in a specific geographical area. Cities or towns established without a charter are often formed directly under the supervision of a state or national government.

    City charters act as local constitutions. They can be amended by a public referendum or by decision of city government authorities. Changes to a city charter often take several years to create and implement.

    A city charter establishes the boundaries of a city or town, and they are often hundreds or thousands of pages long. Charters include all the laws and regulations that apply to the residents within the city limits, including corporate regulations, substance legislation and property laws.


    No kidding. I bought my house in 2008 and the comparable houses in the neighborhood are going for about 60% of what I owe on it. The increased property taxes will likely only make things worse. I grew up in George County and I would move there now (assuming I could sell my house), but there aren’t many jobs here on the coast, much less in George County.


    ERAGS have you read the charter??????????????????????????????????????



    Have not seen or requested a copy of a Diamondhead charter. KenfromDMHD express his concern about a city charter and out of curiosity I looked up the meaning only so I could understand what he was referring to. Have you seen one?

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