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    We’d like your opinions and suggestions concerning this venue. Feel free to post comments here.



    In response to a question I was asked recently,( Do you know Skip Alfonso?)
    The answer is no. So far I have not or I do not remember having ever met Mr. or Mrs. Alfonso; however, I feel that any open forum that allows a community to voice its’ opinion in a professional manner is a positive. Being able to say or write what you feel in such a forum can only be productive and positive and that remains true even if the message is negative. One side of anything is hollow and meaningless and most importantly one side of anything is misleading. I have not felt or seen any indication that this forum is sensored with the exception of an effort to keep civil language and I believe such control is used simply to show respect to the readers. By the way Mr. Alfonso-if you read this mail- I was advised that you are one dry and humorless individual. In a lot of ways I guess I can be described as being the same, dry and humorless.



    I find very little value in what people say about another. I do my own homework and trust my own instincts about people and things in this world and especially here in Diamondhead. You seem to be of the same mind.

    My wife and I started this project for those who would understand the value of objectivity. I can assure you that your would-be advisor does not possess that virtue. I’ll just bet you they tried to talk you out of participating in this forum.

    Please extend our invitation for them to join us here. Tell them to bring an open mind along with their sense of humor. You never know when George Carlin or Robin Williams may show up.

    Skip Alfonso


    wayne king

    Thank you very much for the work and effort you have expended in the establishment of this forum. Im sure it is a baine to the individuals that dwell in the never never land of self-rightousness,self-centeredness and elitisum, where enlightenment and scrutiny are mortal enemies and individual opinion is a cancer to their way of life and should be destroyed whenever possible. Hang in there and keep up the good work.



    I use to think that there were simply a number of Diamondhead residents that ‘forgot to take their medicine’, so to speak, from time to time and ranted and raved about the Board. I am very sad to say that I have found that I was wrong. The Board of Directors has created a lot of the anger and distrust many residents feel by their closed and secretive ways. Their reluctance to be more open about the decisions they make and the reasons behind these decisions have caused people to reasonably assume that there must be something to hide or why else would they conduct themselves in this manner. It doesn’t have to be this way. It could all be so much better. It doesn’t have to be ‘us against them’. We could all work together and things would be so much better for the Board members and the residents. If just one of the Board members would open-up and talk with us…let us ask some questions and give us answers…this friction could be cleared up in no time. Will one of them please step forward and do this?



    The elected representives of the POA preceive their roles as officers to be rulers rather than servers of the membership. POA members do not want to be governed with a lot of silly rules and forced to comply with them through intimidation and threats. People who reside in Hancock County and the cities within laugh at Diamondhead officials conduct and wonder out loud why anyone would want to live under these conditions. It has become an embrassment to say you live in Diamondhead. This a beautiful area and should be considered the best place to reside on the Mississippi coast. The reputation, inflated dues and fees imposed by the elected members are killing our property values. When prespective buyers learn of the water rates, fire department fees, POA fees, building permit cost, fines, etc. etc. etc. they have second thoughts. I have hear this expressed many times in the last couple of years. We MUST elect neighbors that want to serve us not rule us.


    Well said Eags753. To quote a famous saying “What a fine kettle of catfish this is Saffaire” I came here almost 7 years ago because of the amenities, beauty and friends who had come here. The POA is a devil we see, the Incorporation is the Devil we don’t see. I choose to live with the one I know. With a little more diligence on the part of property owners I believe we (through the ballot box) can reign in some of the excesses of the past and live once again in peace and harmony. Name calling, pointing fingers at this point seems a little inane don’t ya think? Lets get this thing fixed before it becomes a cancer in our community.





    It appears we want the same thing for Diamondhead. Any solutions or recommendations would be more than welcome. If you have a constructive plan or know some competent person or persons interesting in serving and is committed to making Diamondhead the jewel is should be count me in. Thanks.



    Be sure and read the letters to the editor in the Sun Herald today. Two Diamondhead residents are speaking out.



    I may have been one of the two speaking out…unfortunately, I find nothing attractive about Diamondhead anymore.The “amenities” we pay our dues for are now wide open to anyone that desires to use them, the POA is nothing but a cash cow with a group of dedicated to mopney neanderthals at the helm.I feel that if I am the one paying, I should be allowed to use them..I live on Golf Club dr, and it is nothing more than an Atlanta 500 speedway, yet we now have a Police? force.Ha …another joke pulled on the people, all they do is hide and write tickets.Yet, I am awakened each night by people going by my home with Boom Boxes wide open.This complete place is a farce, along with the Mayor,city council, and POA.They should all be exiled to Kenya.



    I agree with Mr. Kolf’s suggestions but just wanted to make a couple of points. Under Mississippi law a sheriff “has a statutory duty of keeping the peace within the county and may not charge a fee for doing so.” (AG opinion #2010 WL 1556670). Another opinion states “In response to the first issue, it is the opinion of this office, that a sheriff shall without the benefit of additional compensation from a municipality enforce felony and misdemeanor laws and inside the municipal corporate limits of all municipalities within the sheriff’s county.

    However, a governing authority of a municipality, a board of supervisors and a sheriff of said county may enter into an Interlocal Agreement whereby the sheriff shall enforce all municipal ordinances’ within said municipality for which the municipality may agree to compensate the county for said law enforcement protection. See 17131 et seq., Miss. Code Ann. 1972 as amended.”

    Simply stated, the sheriff must provide law enforcement services to all the citizens of the county. The reason for an interlocal agreement is to authorize the sheriffs to enforce municipal ordinances. He already has the authority and duty to enforce state laws without additional compensation. Sheriff Adams and his command staff are very competent, experienced and understand the law and their requirement to provide equal protection of the law to all citizens. Mr. Kolf is correct that the sheriffs office can and will provide patrol services and respond to calls for police services in the absence to municipal officers. However if the streets were to be turned over to the county then county ordinances would be applicable and enforceable by sheriffs deputies. With no additional taxes or fees. The only basic difference would be sheriffs deputies are not allowed, by state law, to use radar to enforce speed laws. As stated many months ago, much more study was necessary before we jumped into incorporation. Only one side of the issue was presented. And to make matters worse, our wonderful POA funded the promotion of incorporation with our fees, to the tune of $80,000. Think we were set up?


    I am not familiar on how to submit a comment, but here goes. I have been living in Diamondhead for 20 years and for the most part very happy and satisfied. Then a move started about incorporating. Most of the reasons given seem to be targeted at individuals insecurities, like Waveland and or Bay St. Louis were going to incorporate us, we would loose federal support after hurricanes, etc., Well, only one thing has happened as advertised. We are now a city and those who have assumed office have no use for anyone now. They meet among themselves, make decision on our behalf without our input and are spending money without any legal authority that I am aware of and without any say so from most properties owners. All individuals that are running for office have to do is put up a minimal fee and not prove they qualify for the office they may hold. I suggest a federal investigation or at least a state investigation take place soon, before any more money is spent by our volunteer government. One other point that concerns me and that is the individual currently the Mayor stated that HE WOULD NOT run for office and he would only be acting Mayor until someone is dully elected. It is public knowledge that this person is in fact running for the same office he now holds. Yes, something stinks about this whole process and a higher authority should intervene now!!



    I recommend an impartial audit be done going back 20 years of the POA, and have them from a farther state than Alabama or Louisiana, and definitely not Ms.
    Bet some people would go to jail.



    With ALL the complaining about our Diamondhead officials and our city in general, why was there such a lean voter turnout!
    LEAN, may not be the proper term & over stating the fact, infinitesimal would be more to fact.
    So typical, “BMG & “…words, with no weight…”.
    Majority of us born with two ears & one mouth,…people should listen twice as much than they speak.
    If you did not participate in our voting process,…YOU ARE THE PROBLEM IN DIAMONDHEAD

    A message for the non-participants;

    Not everything that is faced can be changed.
    But nothing can be changed until it is faced.



    If people live in Kiln then why are they commenting about Diamondhead. They should not even be allowed on this forum.

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