Tort Reform. Just a Thought

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    Tort Reform- The Biggest Lie Ever Sold

    It is my sincere hope that the people of Mississippi realize that the current version of

    tort reform being pushed by Amy Tuck and the like is nothing more than a continuation

    of this administrations belief in the power and control of big business. It is the biggest

    lie ever sold. Mississippi does need a tort reform bill. The state needs a bill that will

    address the issues exactly as they are spelled out. Frivolous lawsuits need to be stopped.

    But how does it help the average citizen who can not find a job or health insurance in the

    first place if now they must also be punished for even a legitimate lawsuit? $250,000.

    Is the current going amount. If you have ever had the wrong organ removed or lost a

    child due to gross neglect of a doctor, how will this reform help you? If you have ever

    been turned away from a hospital because you did not have insurance, how will this

    reform help you? And what about the problem of high insurance premiums and doctors

    leaving the coast? It seems that if we solve the high insurance premiums we solve the

    problem of doctors leaving the coast. So why not look at a plan to do just that?

    What is wrong with an insurance pool? The average citizen will pay one-way or another.

    We can always address bad attorneys by punishing bad attorneys. Seems simple enough.

    My point: if we all contributed to the problem, why is it that we are not all having to

    make sacrifices? Once again the average citizen gets stuck with the unfair consequences

    & cost that they really cannot afford to defend themselves against. We need tort reform,

    we may even need reasonable caps, we need to support small business ,but we do not

    need to be made fools of with Jackpot Injustice!

    Think about it. Toxic waste cripples your children. You get 250,000.

    Just something to think about.

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