Trailer Park across from EHE???

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    I would like to begin a discussion with Diamondhead residents concerning the interest in Hancock county in putting a FEMA trailer park at the Hancock Livestock Arena, which happens to be directly across the street from East Hancock Elementary (which of course, serves diamondhead families). I don’t want to sound insensitive to the needs of local people who have lost their home and have no place to live. I, as well as many of my family and friends, suffered massive flooding of our properties, so I understand the hardships. I also do not want to implicate the good, honest hard-working people who live in this area (and most of them are that). However, I do have concerns about such a park as all data concerning these developments is negative in terms of crime rates, drug dealing, violence, etc. (Check out the website for GCN Gulf Coast News for a recent article on FEMA parks and their impact on the community). I am not implying that all persons in trailers now are pedophiles or drug dealers; again, most are just good people who have fallen on hard times because of Katrina. However, no matter how decent the residents, the stress of living in such a tight situation surrounded by others in a similar situation seems to give rise to such behaviors over time. It is a fact that many of the ‘temporary’ parks built in Florida over the past few years to house hurricane victims are still there and are hotbeds of criminal activity. I am not at all opposed to trailers on a person’s private property, yet I do not favor this ‘concentration’ of trailers in one location which, in essence, will create a ghetto-like effect. So basically, the essence of the post is this: am I the only one who is concerned that the county proposes this to be directly across the street from where my child attends school every day? Do we want drug dealers, vagrants, transients, drunkards and unemployed young men hanging around doing nothing just a few yards from where your children are learning? If so, what can the school do to prevent loitering around the school, intruders, vandalism, and traffic and speeding issues that will surely arise when positioning this concentration of trailers so close? My question for the Diamondhead community is, am I the only one alarmed? If so, please calm my fears. If not, should we concerned citizens make our voices heard? Thank you.

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