Veteran's Day Celebration

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    ATTENTION MEMBERS OF POST 139: VETERANS DAY ACTIVITIES AS PREVIOUS ANNOUNCED HAS BEEN CHANGED. FIRST OF ALL, I, APOLOGIZE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCES I MAY HAVE CAUSED YOU IN YOUR SCHEDULING OR PLANNING FOR VETERAN DAY EVENTS. I HAD EVERY INTENTION OF HAVING A VETERANS DAY PROGRAM AT POST 139. SINCE, PLANNING STARTED SO LATE, I WAS NOT ABLE TO PUT A COMPLETE PROGRAM TOGETHER, AS I HAD HOPED, AND PROMISED. FOR THAT, I, AM, SORRY. BILL MORAN. POST 139 HAS AGREERED TO JOIN POST 77, ON NOVEMBER 11, 2003, FOR VETERANS DAY, ON NOVEMBER 11, 2003, IN WAVELAND. (SCHEDULE OF EVENTS ARE ATTACHED AT END OF THIS NOTICE.) ALL MEMBERS OF POST 139 ARE INVITED TO JOIN POST 77 FOR ALL ACTIVITIES. POST 139 HAS AGREERED TO HOST VETERANS DAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2004. NOVEMBER 11, 2003, SCHEDULE: American Legion Post 77 & American Legion Post 139 are CO-hosting the Veterans Day activities on Tuesday, November 11, 2003. All Veterans, Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard and Merchant Marines are invited to participate in the parade and to be guests of the American Legion for lunch. The schedule of events is shown below. 7:30am – 9:00am Continental breakfast at Post 77 sponsored by Bay High School JrAFROTC (all veterans are invited) 10:30am Parade on Coleman Avenue from the railroad tracks to the Veterans Memorial 11:00am Ceremony at the Veterans Memorial 11:30am Brief Ceremony at Post 77 (across from Rickey’s Restaurant) 11:45am Veterans Day Address by Colonel Joe Spraggins, CRTC Commander, Mississippi Air National Guard 12:00pm Lunch at Post 77 Sunset Flag Retirement Ceremony at the Veterans Memorial

    This message sent to you by American Legion Post 139.

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