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    Any comments about the cowards who write anonymous letters



    A self-appointed Social Control/Concerned Citizens group (or an individual disguised as a group?) purporting to represent “just about everyone” is sending anonymous letters to those who dare complain about DH waste and illegalities. Recent letters directed at spouses of “complainers” threaten exclusion from “social functions”. I have complained; my husband died in 2005. So COWARD(S), please send your HATE MAIL THREATS directly to me via USPS. If you are afraid of Federal laws and FBI tracking, just sneak by and drop off your anonymous threat at 6547 Alakoko Drive. More examples of these threats will reveal WHO you are via style, syntax, and tattletales.



    These anonymous authors remind me of a bunch of roaches who roam the floors at night. When the lights turn on they run for cover scared to death. I would not like to attend any “social event” where these people would be in attendance. I value my time too much to waste on social snobs and cowards.



    The ANON. AUTHOR’S style already reveals clues as to identity.

    Stylometry: the application of the study of linguistic style. Stylometry is often used to attribute authorship to anonymous or disputed documents. It has legal as well as academic applications, ranging from the question of authorship of particular works to forensic linguistics.


    Michael Schaefer


    I received an unsigned letter before and after the recent election stating that I would not win because I had advertised on the Alphonso website. When I didn’t win I received another unsigned letter with a comment, “We told you so!”


    Michael R. Schaefer



    I feel left out!



    TARGET READY: (This was compiled with some assistance/advice from law enforcement/legal sources.)

    ANALYSIS OF RECENT ROUND OF ANON. LETTERS: This perpetrator’s style already reveals clues as to identity, via stylometry, which has legal applications, including forensic linguistics, such as OUTING of supposedly anonymous perpetrators involved in a recent Federal case in New Orleans. A participant in solving that case says it is DEFINITELY POSSIBLE TO IDENTIFY THE DH PERPETRATOR with enough samples, so recipients of such letters are being urged to come forward. This is probably NOT a first-time perpetrator. There is also evidence that the CHURCH-PURCHASE issue may be involved in the current round of letters from the perpetrator. Analysts doubt there’s a “WE” — the letters are probably from an individual who assumes some right of input on excluding people from “social functions”. This person likely has a mania for control and an inability to accept others opinions, resulting in secret, cowardly and sneaky attempts to threaten those who disagree on a particular issue.


    wayne king

    Diamondhead definitely needs an exterminator, we are like a roach hotel, they come in but never leave….


    wayne king

    Having received one of these anonymous communications in the past myself which threatened suit by the POA, I couldn’t agree more. Mostly I think these anonymous attacks are perpetrated by a coward and “yes man” . The one I got also reflected a sophistication in cyber experience not possessed by the average internet user. Putting this with the info you have this may narrow the field so to speak of the available perpetrators.



    Shucks, I also feel left out. However I do feel intrigued by this anonymous correspondence.
    So what do we know about the person or persons involved in this crusade?
    1. Well for one thing they are very much enamored with the previous council members and the political positions that they championed.. I do not think this tirade reflects any intellectual composition making a case for their message. If they were all that confident they could have pursued the media to make their case known.
    2. Secondly they are incensed that anyone has the gall to contradict anything said by their heros.
    3. The next clue is rather astonishing. They are threatening you with being black balled from any Diamondhead social organization. This is really a hoot and mainly just illustrates that these fools consider themselves to be in the inner circle with some authority over the populace.
    4. To summarize. These people cannot in any way be considered as intellectuals. They are mad as hell and emotionally involved to the point that their actions are unpredictable. They feel aligned with the ruling class and consider themselves to be part of it.
    5. It is unlikely that the culprit will be found out. It could be quite a few. And in truth who really cares what they think.
    6. My own experience with these zealots has been on the Sun Herald blog where some buffoon has bombarded me with excuses as to why things have turned out the way that they have.
    7. Actually one could easily find a candidate for suspicion but it would be unsubstantiated guesswork. I will stick my neck out here with an example. At the meeting with Lafontain someone was trying to make a point to the host when Rodney Ackerman got in his face rather vigorously until he realized he was out of order. Then when it was time to vote the Ackermans were the only bunch voting against everyone else. I only point out this situation because they are part of a long list of individuals who have an irrational tie to some of the proposals being discussed



    “By the prickling of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…”



    It takes a coward to hide behind a computer ..if you are a man, pony up and admit it, if not you will eventually get caught



    From witches and wizards and longtail’d buzzards
    And creeping things that run in hedge bottoms
    Good Lord deliver us.



    At the council meeting last night, 2 MORE people told me they had received anonymous letters after “complaining” or criticizing the old regime online or in letters to the Sun Herald. More examples are needed for forensic stylometric analysis so the PERP. can be IDENTIFIED and OUTED.
    Then we’ll see if this COWARD is still invited to DH “social functions.”



    After presenting a brief description of statements made at the council meeting August 5, I decided what I needed to do was to have a good night’s sleep. It has been my observation in the past that when one sleeps on events surrounding an unpleasant situation one may wake up with a fresh optimistic perception of reality. So I woke up this morning and the only optimism I could find was the possibility of conjuring up a pleasant breakfast.
    At that point I again began to review the previous night’s social event. I assumed the issues of Church purchase and internal police question were imbedded in doors one and two as mentioned by Ms. Simons.
    However on closer inspection I observed when peering into door one it was Tommy Schafer laughing his you know what off because he had snookered us into thinking he was for the people.
    Door two contained the ghost of Sislow who could be heard but not seen
    Door three was almost too frightening to even comprehend. One possible scenario would have been Nutting saying that he was going to install traffic cameras throughout Diamondhead. He was adamant that there would no longer be any rolling thru a stop sign even if the street was deserted.
    Another possible scenario for door three would be a faceless individual claiming that there was going to be an organization similar to the Stasi organized in Diamondhead. They would insure that there would not be any criticism of the state (or city council) and to do so would carry severe penalties. Not only would you not be able to join any social clubs but you might spend extended periods in the Diamondhead jail where you would be forced to watch old cars pass by.
    To ponder the possibility of any more scenarios for door three is just too scarey to pursue.
    I am now going to pay attention whenever I go to a public place. If they don’t have a sign out restricting gun possession I will be concerned if Mr. Mueller might be there. He seems to be offended easily and I don’t want to be plugged because he does not like my choices in the grocery store.

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