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    The Square and Compass Club was formed in 1997 as a fraternally based organization of Master Masons who live in the expanding community. Through regularly scheduled and somewhat informal meetings the members were informed of what is occurring in the local Masonic arena and undertook , as a group, several beneficial activities in the spirit of good fellowship and citizenship. The organization established certain traditional activities which were carried on until the dour days of Katrina. Members participated in a series of food drives which were of immense importance to the less fortunate in the area , helped in rebuilding residences that had undergone various tortuous circumstances , and provided playthings for needy children. Membership in the Club reached a high of thirty- five and many pleasant social functions were incorporated in the flexible monthly meeting schedule. The goal of informal and educational get togethers was achieved ,AND THEN – Katrina !!

    Its been six years of non activity for the Club , but we are back !

    If you are a Master Mason, we would love to have you as a member. Our first meeting will be an informal luncheon at the Country Club at 11:30 on Thursday, May 10th . We’ll discuss where we go from here in what should be a spirited way . Please give the Club your consideration and join us. Mixing food and drink with high expectations is always fun.

    We would appreciate your letting us know if you can make it by dropping a note to Mike Switzer ( switzertrainer@yahoo.com )

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