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    Any comments about the “reported” rift with the DHWSD and residents of the Southside?


    wayne king

    It appears that the DHWSD is equal to other commissions, boards or commities appointed in this area to look to special interests that are effected by their decisions. Im just sick to death about hearing from these groups and their continual leaning against individuals who take it upon themselves to handel their problems with the means available to them. It all usually winds up with the central body who pay the bills to contribute to some lawyers economic wellbeing in a decision that is based (it appears) on political support and funding rather than right and wrong. What is with all this secreacy, no public display of minutes, ect. This water well business is rediculous, a person should be able to have a shallow well on his property in this part of the country for irrigation and other non-potable uses. A 30 to 70 ft well will not contaminate a well 600 ft deep. I admit I am not a well drilling expert, but I think there are precautions that local well drillers observe that warrent against contamination, If this is a problem the DHWSD needs to take remedies to control drilling methods in their area of responsibility, not keep some property owner from utilizing a resource available on his property. The Board of Supervisors needs to appoint people with Logical decision makeing abilities and publish policies that these commities, boards, commissions ect conform to, and not be reluctant to be in the vanguard of makeing new policey when problems arise due to omission or change.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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