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    I moved hear nearly 11 years ago, and I thought the water was great. Then a few years ago, when they started re doing the Diamondhead Water… it got really awful. I see black crud around all my faucets.. in my toilets and everything else. It’s discusting! What happened to our water? I have Crohns Disease and am really worried about this. What did you all do? what happened? I think we all need to know. I don’t need to get sick over the water we had, vs. the junk that is coming in now.



    Lots of luck getting an answer. I moved here 20 years ago and D’head Water & Sewer proudly presented the results of testing. Our water was better than almost all store bought water – they put in the minimum amount of chlorine because water is stored in the tower. Over recent years it is obvious they are treating the water and the quality has definitely gone down.
    I suggest you get a really excellent water filter – that’s what I did and I generally let the water sit overnight to allow stuff like chlorine to dissipate



    About 2 years ago I would get yellow water from my faucets. It was not all the tiime. I noticed it in the late morning, never the early morning and not on weekends. I think Tuesday-Thursdays was when I usually found it yellow. In the afternooon and night – not yellow. This was the time when the “Fluoridation stations” were being set up in Diamondhead. At first I did not connect the two, I thought maybe something was wrong with my pipes. I do have a whole house filter for the water. I changed the filter & still got yellow water, just at certain times. I called the water dept. and was told nobody else complained about yellow water. The sent 2 guys to “test” the water. They told me it must be my hose, as the ran the water outside to test. I told them it was from ALL my faucets and the toilet water is yellow if I flushed while the yellow water thing was going on.

    The water dept. guys did some test thing in front of me and said nothing is wrong and my water isn’t yellow, maybe my white plastic dish was discolored etc. I brought out a gallon of yellow water that I ran that morning, and some right then from my kitchen faucet as it was still coming out a bit yellow, and a gallon of Kentwood. I poured some of each into the white bowl. Only the kentwood sample was clear. They said it was my pipes. Sure.

    I called around trying to find a place to test the water, only found one here on the coast. Once I tlad them it was Diamondhead water they said I need written permission from the Diamondhead water dept. to have it tested. I told them it is my water, I pay for it. They would not test Diamondhead water witout permission. At that point I didn’t trust this testing company.

    Anyway, there was a guy my husband knew that was doing work at the flouride stations here as they were being set up. One day he came around to see if anyone need a worker for a couple of days. They asked why he wasn’t working at the stations and he said he was but they had to wait until something came in because they couldn’t get the ratio right so he didn’t have work until then. I took that to mean something over there was pumping out the wrong ratio of something – I believe flouride as that is what they were setting up.

    I have noticed since then my skin gets dry, sure that happens as you get older but I mean suddenly a good bit drier than usual, and nobody in my family gets really dry skin as they age. Same thing with my husband. We get wieird toilet stains.

    My aunt had a house here since the 70’s and her family used to bring empty jugs when they visited to fill up with water, as Diamondhead supposedly had great water back then. I’ve been here since the mid 90’s and honestly I never drink the water, always used bottled for cooking and drinking. Dogs get bottled water too. But the past couple of years something had drastically changed with water quality. I hate to not know what I am bathing in.

    By the way while the yellow water thing doesn’t happen like clockwork anymore, but there are random days when it does happen. Sometimes subtle, I notice because I use those little white plastic cups when I brush my teeth. Sometimes it’s really yellow, like – are you kidding. I have not found anything wrong with my pipes or filter and if it was that it should be more consitant and not random. A couple of weeks ago my husband’s friend on the water side told him they notice yellow water from time to time.



    I’m glad to know I am not alone on this water thing. The toilets do get nasty black yuck, and our water faucets! Thanks for your input on this. Let’s now see if our City of Diamondhead is paying attention to this, like they’ve turned their backs on the right for establishments to choose there own destiny in the smoking dept. Where did this council come from anyway? Nominated themselves right? Hmmmm….



    I too began to notice a degradation in the quality of our water a couple of years ago. I believe it coincided with the drilling to two new wells here in Diamondhead. As one who has lived in the country and owned water wells, I observed that this “new” water is quite hard and contains minerals that encrust my toilets. Sometimes I get a red ring around the bowl which I am sure is iron that comes to the surface as iron carbonate and as the CO2 bubbles out iron oxide or rust is formed. At other times I get a tan deposit which is probably manganese. I suppose we are getting our water now from more than one aquifer and the newer one is mineral laden. I find that I have to use a pumice stone about once a month to get rid of the stains.


    I have a white bathtub and sometimes the water is very yellow; sometimes it has a bluish “swimming pool” look. I have also called Diamondhead Water to check it out, but it’s always “OK.”



    I am so glad I’m not alone in this… I have talked to friends that are all complaining about the same thing! I hope we can get something fixed.. I have to worry about my health, and even the ice I drink. Does anyone know who to contact? We all need to be making some phone calls..



    I doubt if the nice ladies at the water dept know if the water is bad. My pets and i drank the water when I moved here and gotnsick. Guess what…when we stopped drinking dh water we stopped getting sick


    Michael Schaefer


    Please call Michael Collard at the Water Board. He is the General Manager and you will receive a response. Phone: 342-6007.

    Michael Schaefer
    Diamondhead Water & Sewer Board
    Call me at 255-7884 if you don’t hear from him within 24 hours



    Where is the POA and the new Mayor speaking up about this problem? What the heck is going on with Diamondhead, and who should we send this to to get some results? I can’t stand to see the black crud around my faucets and in my toilets. It’s getting really discusting..

    I don’t think any of them know about this! Do they own a home here!!

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