It’s All By the Number

The CPA firm that does the POA’s annual audits was hired to count the votes at the POA election. Their tally indicated two more votes for Donald Laird than for Carl Necaise. As is the custom of elections in general whenever there is such a close count, Mr. Necaise requested a recount and his request was granted.

There were no objections raised by anyone to a recount.   Understandably. Under the bylaws, officers must be elected by the members and at the election the person receiving the greatest number of votes for a particular position is elected. It’s important to know, therefore, who actually got the greatest number of votes.

counteveryvoteThe recount held Wednesday was done twice with both candidates and other observers there, asking questions and fully participating. The two recounts came out the same – Mr. Laird did NOT receive the greatest number of votes at Saturday’s election; Mr. Necaise did. Even if the questionable ballot were to be counted as two votes, Mr. Laird only has a tie vote, not the greatest number. And election procedure is that one ballot equals one vote so just because someone at the election wrote a purple “2” on it with a marker certainly does not make it count for 2 votes.

One candidate actually received the most votes at the election and the other did not, but the one who clearly did not is trying to call a meeting and assume the office. As long as we still have a POA whose antics cause constant grief for Diamondhead, the least we can do as members is to ensure that the people serving on it were actually elected by the greatest number of votes from us.