Knowledge is Power!

Real change in Diamondhead’s CC&POA Board of Directors and Officers will come when you know what’s going on.  You have to let the Board know you are watching them and how they run the amenities you own. The Board believes they have the right to construct capital improvements and demolish any building or amenity without the memberships’ approval…They do not have this right!!!  You and I own the amenities since 1985. That is when the “powers that be,” without our knowledge, had the amenities’ property tax reassessed and attached to your personal property.  The law is, that when you pay property tax, you own the property. Ask the tax assessor!

5726681350_exercise_free_speech_xlargeReal change won’t come to Diamondhead without our constant vigilance, and our demand for accountability. The Board is fighting hard. They forced the Treasurer to file a lawsuit in order to do his fiduciary responsibility to the membership. An independent forensic audit is the only method to find out why the Country Club is losing outrageous amounts of money. An independent forensic audit, asked for by Mr. Schaefer, is absolutely necessary. The present situation in the Country Club financially endangers the membership.  Just do the audit!  Find out why the Country Club is losing exorbitant amounts of money. Then, Fix it!!!

So keep yourself informed and vigilant.  Keep yourself fired up!  Be a good citizen: ask questions, be feisty, it is your first amendment right to speak out. As the property “tax payer” on the amenities, it is your “dues paying” DUTY to question our Diamondhead POA Board of Directors!!! And it is your right to expect an honest answer.

About the Author

C J Longanecker

Former Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association Secretary, Member for 43 years)