Kyger Asked to Resign

Elton M. Kyger

Last May in Diamondhead, then-POA President Marshall Kyger grabbed a 70 year old woman by the arms, pulled her towards him, and shook her.  This occurred after a meeting that ended stressfully as the board refused to answer questions on an issue of concern to the community. Some say that Mr. Kyger’s self-defense argument can justify his actions and his remaining on the board.  They are wrong.


A man does not grab and shake a woman, period, and such conduct can hardly be deemed defensive.  Reported worldwide by the AP, Mr. Kyger’s conviction for assault may be over, but it has triggered a different trial for Diamondhead.  Regardless of one’s personal feelings about him, no self-respecting community can afford to condone his conduct.


The proper measure of an officeholder is whether he can act ethically, competently, and in the community’s best interest.   Mr. Kyger has shown he cannot.  By his choices, he has:


  1. displayed an inability to control his temper;


  1. exposed Diamondhead to destructive notoriety through his arrest, conviction, and resulting widespread publicity; and


  1. further damaged Diamondhead’s reputation by calling as witness a second POA director who publicly testified that he [the witness] might have “popped her in the nose,” an assertion that in a decent community should bring this man under far greater scrutiny than he has previously received.


We trust that Diamondhead residents who care about the community and its reputation will join in requesting Mr. Kyger’s immediate resignation.


Alliance for a Better Community

Peggy Dutton, Lisa Lowell, Jack O’Neal, Virginia Simons, Co-Chairmen


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