Kyger’s Opinion of the Facts

Mr. Alfonso,

As usual, you don’t let facts stand in the way or, perhaps, it’s simple incompetence.  Mr. Burger is building the home nearing completion on Mahalo Hui off the 3rd tee of the Cardinal.

By the way, do you have permission to reprint the article?



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  1. We do find it rather unimaginable that a man responsible for a 5 million dollars loss in a non profit corporation could accuse anyone of incompetence. But as the commercial says: “That’s what you do.”

    Here is a fact that you conveniently forget: I am and have been a dues paying member of the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association for over 20 years and as such I am guaranteed all rights and privileges afforded to any other member, which would include publishing. I am also an American citizen. We provide all members access to our publication, not a favored few, at absolutely no cost to the membership. As such, all are allowed to refute what others call “facts”. Even you.

    By the way, how do you know I did not get permission to reproduce from the author? Whoever he really is.

  2. Mr Kyger you’re obviously following dhnol and facebook VERY closely. The editor never said anything about where the author of this letter lives. The editor isn’t responsible for what FREE AMERICANS say and post. Show me where the editor posted where Bulger lives. Also show me where the ABC group has ever said they want to shut down all golf, country club and amenities.

    As an honest full-time working widow living on tight income, I follow these things closely and that was never said. You and your small group don’t seem to let reality get in your way. The problem is covenants and legal dues collecting ability will start to end in 2020. All these nasty letters a small group of selfish golfers circulate isn’t helping their cause. It makes me much less inclined to volunteer to pay any dues once the poa has no legal authority to collect.

    Here are a few of my ideas. I am not related to the editor nor am I in ABC, just a citizen of DH who cares about fairness and our future. —–Why not shut down the Bistro restaurant and use it only one or two nights a week or for special occasions like weddings where people pay their own way? The minority of golfers could use the grill. What about turning one golf course into a low maintenance park with lakes for all to enjoy? That would save a fortune. In truth the golf courses add almost nothing to property values for the majority compared to having a park. Even people who live on the golf courses have little added property value. If your home is worth over a million dollars then the golf courses may add value to your property. Very few homes in Diamondhead are worth over a million dollars. Maybe some in Glen Eagle but as you well know Mr Kyger, Glen Eagle is the only area with perpetual covenants.

    You need to compromise because these nasty email and letters your small group of golfers is sending out is hurting your chances of coming to a compromise with the majority who don’t golf or use the country club. Why would any citizen of the poa-created city of Diamondhead volunteer to pay for a small group of older men to golf and dine? 2020 and the day we’ll be free of dues is just around the corner.

  3. By the way Mr Kyger. I was the only person who posted that this VERY FAMILIAR SOUNDING letter writer might have sold his property (before covenants and dues expire in 2020). I am not the editor and I’m not in ABC. You had to dig far in facebook to even see my one comment saying that Bulger sold his property.

    I have since edited my comment to give the benefit of the doubt to who ever wrote this VERY FAMILIAR SOUNDING nasty rant of misinformation. Has your “collective” ever edited any misinformation or pro golf propaganda? I doubt it. Bottom line Mr Kyger – We have a lot more non-golfers in Diamondhead than golfers. It’s time for the minority if country club patrons and golfers to be realistic because we know the law. Covenants expire after 50 years and you’ll have no legal right to collect dues. The truth and fairness is on the side of the majority of citizens of the city of Diamondhead.

  4. Why didn’t Mr. Bulger (or Burger) write to you himself? This Bulger-Burger letter is full of the exact same false talking points as letters circulated by Crosby, Parker, Kyger and Harvey. To Mr Kyger and his small group of greedy golfers: your greens are always way too far in the red. Your time is coming to an end in ’20 – ’21. It would benefit you to be more fair and honest before it’s too late. I’m fine if dues collection expires completely as they are going to do by law but I WAS open to compromise. We’re too intelligent and too large in number to fall for this stuff. There are plenty of other things we’d rather do with our dues money than pay for your country club. Country clubs are supposed to be funded by the members who use them not extorted dues. Too much of our dues goes to the 2 amenities that lose the most and are used by the fewest. Now that covenants will soon expire we have the power, not you.

  5. WoW…..Mr Kyger claims he never reads anything on the Diamondhead News Online! Perhaps this time he did since it was so close to Halloween for his inaccurate comments.

    • Take notice, the article, as it appeared in the DHPOA’s monthly newsletter, was signed by a James Bulger. Mr. Kyger’s email stated it was written by James Burger. We are sure that it isn’t a typographical error since that may indicate some sort of competency gap between the chair and keyboard.

  6. I would much rather have a park then a golf course. Let the people who use the course pay for it

  7. If E Kyger had looked he’d see anyone can go to the state run website of the DPOA. They even have a tool where anyone can logon and it lets you copy and paste whatever you want from the state newsletter. It’s public domain in that regard.

    Still Boss Tweed Kyger should be happy the editor reprinted this letter (a letter obviously written by the collective). It’s getting more views and people are seeing what the collective is all about. Too bad there is nothing pretty about this collective, this group of men who smear the three directors who fight for what the majority want. There is nothing pretty about men who want widows and working families to pay for their country club and golf games.

    I’m glad Mississippi law states that the covenants can’t be renewed without an 85% vote. If it was up to the directors they’d just have a secret meeting or do what they always do, pull out 400 or more dues free proxy votes to kill anything the majority want.

    It’s pitiful that Kyger is grasping at straws just for cheap golf and a fake “country club” “lifestyle” bought by people who don’t want that. Good luck after 2020 Boss Tweed Kyger. You deserve every bad thing you get. Karma

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