Letter from POA Presidential Candidates

Editor’s note:  In a conversation with Carl Necaise this morning Mr. Necaise stated he had not conceded the election.  What follows is a release from the Diamondhead Country Club  and Property Owners:


The contents of this letter have been jointly written and coordinated by Carl Necaise and me with sole intent to openly address the POA membership on how we can move forward together to heal the divisiveness in our community caused by the 2016 DHPOA Election of Officers and Directors.

It is clear there are critical problems relating to the DPOA election procedures and the way those procedures were implemented. As a result, announcements for both President candidates were made, causing confusion and unrest in the community (that will) continue to provide a source of unwanted controversy for the near future.

Legal challenges to the election decision and process could result in a long and costly battle for the membership and our community. Previous years of litigation combined with these election issues have left our membership deeply divided.

It for this reason, that Carl and I have agreed to end this controversy through mutual agreement and make a commitment to the POA membership that the following action steps will be taken to resolve these problems.

First, I will ask the POA Board will appoint and assemble an Election rules committee, headed by the POA Vice President and committee members that include the Secretary, two newly appointed Board Directors, an independent third party legal attorney, and Mr. Carl Necaise. This committee will be responsible for reviewing the very nature of the issues previously identified and bring forth recommendations to resolve these issues.

Second, I will ask the POA Board to appoint an independent third party certified public accountant to conduct a performance review of the financial statements and accounting practices of the Country Club and POA operations and report and publish those results to the membership no later than 21 October 2016.

Third, I will demand that all POA Officers, Directors and staff conduct themselves in the utmost professional manner (and in complete accord with the board’s Ethics Policy) for the mutual benefit of its membership.

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s independence, I would like to end this letter by asking you to thank Carl Necaise for his efforts in helping our community move forward and making Diamondhead a “one-of-a-kind” place to live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Donald “Pat” Laird

Carl Necaise

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