More Straight Talk From ABC

Questions, concerns?  We get lots of those from supporters as well as adversaries, so here are some more straight answers.

Why did Proposition 3 have so many votes against it when so many people I talked to were for it?

Because “Purcell” gave Director Marshall Kyger its proxy to cast its 471 votes against Proposition 3.  Subtract those votes and it’s clear that Proposition 3 got the majority (552 to 513) from property owners who unlike “Purcell” actually pay dues.

So Prop. 3 would have won if Purcell had not interfered?

Sadly, no.  We needed 173 more votes to pass it if “Purcell” had not pushed in.  To change bylaws, instead of a


majority you need 2/3 of the total votes cast in person or by proxy.  But there’s some very good news in those vote numbers, too.

First, In elections the candidate receiving the greater number of votes wins and “Purcell” can’t vote due to terms of the Takeover Agreement, so we will have an advantage and meanwhile can keep building a majority large enough to create a community that’s no longer controlled by just a few.

Second, the old guard (now calling themselves “The Diamondhead Collective”) hasn’t much hope of increasing support from dues-paying members.  Their sole policy is pouring unreasonable amounts of money into amenities, most particularly golf and country club, against all evidence that their choice of projects or management are effectively benefitting the membership as a whole.

Why the quotation marks around Purcell?

Because we’re trying to figure out who or what “Purcell” is and which “Purcell” used Kyger to cast its 471 votes against governmental accountability and transparency.  In the past, Purcell meant Diamondhead’s corporate developers, but shortly before the annual meeting we heard rumors that they had sold the company.

When the results of the vote were announced Saturday, Treasurer Michael Schaefer went on record challenging the “Purcell” votes, visibly angering some of the directors who opposed Proposition 3.  An empurpled Kyger insisted that the votes he cast were legitimate.  A sketchy story finally emerged that the original Purcell has sold the company to an unnamed firm that will still call it Purcell.

We’re still awaiting full information since neither “Purcell” nor Herr Kyger apparently wished to fully inform dues-paying POA members, whose pockets they don’t mind picking for their significantly-less-than-successful projects, about this change of importance to the entire Diamondhead community.

What’s with all those angry emails, letters, and inserts sent out by opponents?

Fear.  “The Collective” feels the power slipping away and it frightens them.  It’s understandable.  Unlike golfers who love the game for its own sake, the old guard has been accustomed to inflating its self-esteem on a notion that the golf and country club scene — their “life style” as they put it — lent them some apparently longed-for prestige.

Then other property owners, weary of paying the $1.5 M plus annual deficits incurred by the group, began pointing out that the alleged “elite” looked more like Snopeses on a beer budget finagling a champagne lifestyle on everyone else’s dime.  Oh, snap!

By the time ABC appeared on the scene wanting improved government, it made a handy target. When The Collective could find no valid arguments or facts with which to defend their position, they reverted to origin, picked up mud and started slinging.  But their resentment spreads further and deeper than ABC.  As one of them puts it — so charmingly, so elegantly:

. . . the “bastards” around here really do try to grind us down what with their idiotic demands to rid us of POA dues. . . . that pay for the upkeep and amenities we need to keep Diamondhead from becoming just another place with weed strewn lawns/driveways filled with old and new cars, boats, machinery, toys, RV’s, etc.


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  1. AGAIN,
    What scares the Old Guard is that the MAJORITY of DUES-PAYING Members voted FOR Prop. 3 to hold POA Board Members more ACCOUNTABLE to the Members by reducing the Board to 7 and making ALL of them run every 2 years.

    Lies from the Klones? Abusers of Members? Arrogance and secret deals?
    Kick them out every 2 years.

  2. Now that the dust has settled from the vote on Prop 3 the real truths must be told to all the residents who chose not to vote. Living in Diamondhead can be a wonderful experience and the ABC group (Alliance for a better Diamondhead) is trying to represent you for now and the future. Your vote is very important to be heard yet only less than 1/3 did vote. The group opposing Prop 3 used every source (emails, facebook, etc. to level charges against what ABC stands for. They said that ABC would like to rid Diamondhead of the amenities we currently have. That is not correct, what is correct is that the Board needs to not allow lavish spending for the golf courses. There are about 250 members of the golf members supported by 6,000 homes paying the monthly $65 dues. Do the math…6,000 residents paying for 250 members. The swimming pools, tennis courts, playing areas don’t operate at such a loss. None of us want to see any amenity dropped, but we do want to see more accountability from the Board on spending! The golf clubs have been operating at a loss for years (2014 1.5M) and it has to STOP! If the residents of Diamondhead don’t wake up soon to what is happening I’m sure in the not to distant future we will be notified that the POA dues have to be increased. I believe Prop. 3 would have helped to correct the above situation. We must all speak about Diamondhead’s needs and drop the vulgarity. If you have a limited vocabulary perhaps you should think about cleaning it up!

  3. You have to wonder why Peppenger calls us “pathetic” in his latest email being circulated by Parker yet Peppenger is obviously very afraid of us. We threaten his welfare country club “lifestyle.” No other city forces people to pay for a money losing so-called country club and golf courses. The election proves that the welfare golf operation’s time has passed. No more no-bid million dollar contracts going to the Purcell connected HMS. We are a poa created city now. We want fairness and less squandering of our dues to serve a few welfare golfers.

  4. squaredeal1 | June 26, 2015 at 3:41 pm |

    I hope we did strike fear in their hearts, and if they think we are finished, the war has just begun.
    It will always escape me how Kyger can attack an elderly lady at a meeting, be arrested, then act as if nothing happened.He clearly has no qualms about what he did, which tells me he is a sociopath/narcissist of the highest order.He should have to live in a Ghetto the remainder of his miserable life.
    As I said earlier, we shall be victorious.

  5. wayne king | July 2, 2015 at 12:59 pm |

    If “Percell” has sold the company to another party which still calls itself “Percell” whose name is now on the Deeds Of the Country Club and Golf courses? Shouldent there be some kind of transfer of ownership recorded? The POA I dont believe is listed as owner on record for any of the eminity real property.

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