Most of Diamondhead Covenants expire in June 2020

2020 will be here before we know it and the Law suit to continue forced dues does not have much chance for success. Thus it appears we must streamline the operations enabling the DPOA to continue by using voluntary dues. One way is to allow each member to dedicate their dues to a particular Amenity. This could start with the 2019 dues.

Hopefully then, those that use the amenities will pay for them. Another words Golfers and those living on the Golf course could dedicate their dues to be spent on the Golf Course, Tennis players could dedicate their dues to be spent on Tennis World, etc.. Then in 2020 we would switch to a policy of membership in each amenity or we would have a Country Club membership, a Golf Membership, a Tennis World Membership etc. If you pay dues to that amenity then you could use it. Or no pay no play. Presently non residents can use all of our Amenities with little or no difference from the cost paid by residents. Thus membership in the Diamondhead POA affords little advantage.

Most other Subdivision operate in this fashion. Details will have to be worked out to make this an equitable arrangement.

When the streets were given to the City the DPOA did not comply with the Covenants that require an 85% approval by all the property owners, not just those voting. In addition this was the only amenity that was used by all the residents yet all residents are forced to pay dues that support all of the remaining amenities.

All of the above is subject to member approval not that of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Will we succeed? We have no choice.

For the last 48 years the members have had a contract with the DPOA to pay dues.  Likewise the Diamondhead POA has a contract with the members to cease forced dues for most in June 2020.

Time to fish or cut bait and honor the contract.

John Fletcher

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