New Dish Now Being Served at the Diamondhead Country Club

The board of directors of the Diamondhead CC & POA proudly announced on the front page of its December edition of the corporate newsletter,  the creation of its latest dish for the edification of the membership:



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    The Country Club LOSS thus far this year is -$484,330, with 2 more months to go. The latest reported MONTHLY Country Club LOSS hit $69,068, probably a record high monthly loss. (SEE Dec. 2015 POA Newspaper, page 4.)

    For 2016, the CC LOSS is “BUDGETED” to be “only” -$291,342. (SEE Dec. 2015 POA Newspaper, page 1.)

    The POA’s “budgeted” amounts are a bit iffy. According to the Dec. 2014 POA Newspaper, the 2015 CC LOSS was “budgeted” at -$343,536, but the real LOSS is already $140,792 MORE than that “budgeted”, with 2 months to go, so the actual 2015 CC LOSS is ALREADY 40% HIGHER than “BUDGET.” POA Members (whose dues money subsidizes these losses) deserve to know WHY this is happening and WHO is responsible.

  2. Wake Up Diamonshead
    Either some members of the POA Board don’t care how they throw away the residents money or they have BIG egos that must be satisfied as (Big Spenders). Either way it must be STOPPED! A forensic audit is definitely needed to expose the individuals responsible for these actions. IT’S YOUR MONEY THAT’S BEING SPENT!

  3. Why would anyone operate a Bar, Restaurant and Party/Community Facility at a Budgeted loss and NOT even meet that budget, and also charge those who do not utilize them for the mismanagement. The verbs available to describe this action are few and about all of them fall into the categories of stupid or shady if not outright illegal in a normal world of right and wrong concepts.

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