Observations of a POA Member

LTTEI received another email today from the usual sources.  It is basically an attack on the Alliance for a Better Community.  The ABC group is a convenient focal point for Mr. Crosby to accuse everyone who does not agree with him of being a malcontent.  He began his first email with a propaganda attack, branding several people as being beneath the level of quality that is necessary to competently run a Property Owners Association.  He then proceeded to offer some weak arguments to support his position.  He closed by calling members of the ABC group et al of being stupid, actually beyond stupid.  All of us, on either side of the issue, should expect better from a sitting member of the Diamondhead Property Owners Association Board of Directors.

In his second missive, Mr. Crosby accuses the Alliance for a Better Community of trying to bankrupt the POA, close down the amenities and promoting “the big lie”.  I had to read the Annual Meeting Ballot once again just to make sure that none of that stuff was in there.

The point is that there are some deep-seated feelings about the leadership of the POA.  The last election seemed to be a referendum on the performance of prior POA Boards.  In spite of the fact that some of the old guard were voted out of office, nothing has changed.  The old guard, through its ability to “assure the continuity” of the Board; through its ability to preserve “the benefit of all corporate knowledge”; by avoiding to “start from scratch every two years”; by protecting us from becoming “susceptible to undue influence of special interests”, has managed preserve the hold that the POA Board has over the rank and file membership and the direction that the POA is headed in.  The POA Board must aim higher than it has in the past.

The Alliance for a Better Community is a group of POA members who see a problem.  The only power that our group has comes from the by-laws that enable us to propose solutions to the problems that we see.

We believe that having an opportunity to vote on the performance of our officers every two years will help alleviate the problems that we see.  We believe that the continuity that the old guard espouses so vehemently is a barrier to the progress of the POA.  We believe that the values reflected in the lives of our rank and file members are the very ingredient that we need to face the problems in the coming years and the challenges of becoming a city.

We cannot console ourselves with rhetoric and angry letters.  What we need is for the rank and file membership of the POA to get off of the sidelines and vote FOR Proposition 3.  You can attend the Annual Meeting on June 20th and vote in person, you can complete a Directed Proxy by voting FOR Proposition 3 and for or against Proposition 1 & 2, or you can use a General Proxy and select Option 3 to allow a member of the Alliance for a Better Community to cast your vote.

Thanks for your participation in your Property Owners Association.

Louis Fuchs